Tennis Betting Advice - March 2020

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Friday 20th March 2020

In your Ones to Watch email today:

  • Thank You...
  • My friend David...
  • Winning Ugly...

Thank You...

I just want to start today by saying a big Thank You to all of you that have emailed me this week.

With so much bad news in the world right now, it’s very important to acknowledge the good things.

It’s great to know so many of you value the Ones to Watch service and weekly emails so highly. Thanks for all your emails.

We’ve got to wait a while before the professionals are back on court and on our screens. But I’ll be right here, online and staying in touch with you, and with all the latest tennis news & dates.

My friend David...

I’m taking positives from wherever they can be found. Community spirit. Personal connections. These are all vitally important right now. We humans are social creatures. We’re not designed to be locked indoors alone.

I had a text message from my friend David this morning.

That’s the first time I’ve heard from David for a while. The last message from him was during the Australian Open, actually. We met up that week on a rare sunny morning in January, and played tennis. He beat me, two sets to nil. I enjoyed every second.

David asked if I want to play this afternoon. I’ve said yes. We’re going to stay a safe distance from each other. We won’t shake hands. The fresh air and exercise will do me good.

I read this article on the BBC website, and it made a fair bit of sense. Golf, running, horse riding. Whatever works for you, if you can stay within the ‘social distancing’ guidelines.

And in terms of staying away from large crowds, I don’t think I need to worry about anyone coming to watch my flimsy second serve dribble over the net...

I’ll let you know how I get on. David usually beats me. Either way, I’m going to enjoy every second.

In a parallel universe…

Friday would usually be quarter finals day on the weekly tours.
In a parallel universe, we’d hopefully be looking forward to the chance of getting a player through to a semi final today. I’d be telling you what the odds were, and what time the match was on.

We have no tennis right now. But it will be back. That’s for sure. The Grand Slam, ATP & WTA calendars are being discussed and jigged-around at the moment. I’ll report back next week with a better idea of some dates.

The French Open organisers have gone rogue and announced that they’re moving the clay-court Slam to September. That decision hasn’t been very well received. But I’m just happy that decisions are being made and tournaments are being written on the calendar, even if it is only in pencil for now.

I’ll keep you posted. I’ve got lots to talk to you about in the days and weeks ahead.

Winning Ugly...

I’m also planning on getting my tennis fix by doing some reading around the subject.

Andre Agassi’s Open is highly recommended. I got my copy second-hand.

The next one on my list is Winning Ugly by Brad Gilbert. I got that one off of eBay for under £2, including delivery. I’ll let you know what nuggets we might take from that.

That’s enough about me, myself & I for today. How are you doing? Let’s keep in touch during these strange times. Let’s turn a negative to a positive...

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I’ll be back next week with your next Ones to Watch email.

Until then, take care.

Best wishes,

Oliver Upstone

Tom Wilson

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