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‘Congrats on a lovely winner…’

“Hi Oliver, just like to say congrats on a lovely winner. It is not very often that I have had a 33/1 winner. Being a state pensioner I only back to £1ew stakes, so this means a lot to me. Keep up the good work”

William F (April 2024)

‘Brilliant writing … You are definitely a winner’

“Hi Oliver, I only subscribe for fun - and because I like to read your brilliant writing! I’m not taking the p*ss - I really like it! … You are definitely a winner”

Simon C (March 2024)

‘Marvellous service’

“Thanks for a marvellous service and keep up the good work, yours in sport”

Frank (March 2024)

'Gave me a profit at 28/1 Each Way'

"Congratulations on Griekspoor who gave me a profit at 28-1 e/w (1/2). Ironic it was an out-of-form Brit to get in the way! Best wishes"

Steve L (Aug 2023)

'You deserve a pat on the back'

"Well done Oliver, you deserve a pat on the back for doing all the analysis during more pressing family matters, Congrats on that front, by the way! It was very pleasing to know we had the winner, when all the so-called ''experts'' were saying ''nobody picked Vondrousova''!!! 'We got the winner of the Wimbledon Ladies Final at juicy prices!!!!! All the best"

L.J (July 2023)

'Congratulations on picking Vondrousova to win Wimbledon'

"Hi Oliver, congratulations on picking Vondrousova to win Wimbledon this year"

John (July 2023)

'£5 Each Way at 150/1 I'm a real happy bunny!...'

"Hi Oliver, brilliant result for me with my bet on Vondrousova. At the start of the tournament, I put a £5 each way bet on her at 150/1. It was pure instinct really as you had previously advised her as a "Ones to watch" player, and I just thought that 150/1 odds were too good to be missed, and how right I was! £1135 return for a £10 outlay! I'm a real happy bunny! Many thanks for your great service."

Steve C (July 2023)

'Always a pleasure to read'

"Thanks for all the hard work and research you put in "always a pleasure to read"

Miles (May 2023)

'Well done and thank you appreciate the efforts you put in'

"Just a quick line to say well done and thank you. Placed the bet on Jan Lennard Struff and forgot about it. Just logged in to a nice balance thanks to this. Appreciate the efforts you put in. Cheers"

Simon (May 2023)

'Brilliant service'

"Brilliant service, great detail of players, thank you."

Stephen B (April 2023)

'A stroke of genius, thanks for all that you do'

"We may not have found that long priced winner at the Australian Open, but I just wanted to let you know that the tournament ended on a nice high for me, thanks to the info in your final email. Flagging up the tie in the most double faults market was a stroke of genius, and I used it in a couple of small "bet builders" on Bet365 'They returned £132.50 from two £5 bets' not a bad end to the tournament at all! Thanks for all that you do, I always enjoy reading your emails, regardless of whether they result in winners or losers, but you provide more than enough winners to keep me hanging on your every word."

Phil G (Jan 2023)

'Highest esteem and respect'

"You may not have had one of your better major tournaments but you can still move markets showing the highest esteem and respect your many fans have for you 'Keep up the good work and don't ever let the non believers get you down"

Alan (Jan 2023)

'Rune at 28/1, what a performance'

"I managed to get on Rune at 28/1. When he was a set down in the final I thought we were destined for another runner up spot but what a performance in the end!"

David T (Nov 2022)

'Nice darts! 33/1 Each Way'

"Nice darts this week! I was fortunate to get on Rune at the advised 33/1 odds each/way many thanks"

Sunil (Nov 2022)

'Top class job lots of excitement'

"Top class job, only had £5ew on him but together with Taylor Fritz at 75/1 would say that's a cracking year and also lots of excitement. What a tussle yesterday. Just shows that you are on the right lines. Djokovic is still a truly great player but now the younger ones know that he is beatable so now lots of opportunities for men's and ladies players"

John H (Nov 2022)

'Excellent work, I managed to get 33/1'

"Excellent work on the Holger Rune bet. I managed to get 33/1. I was watching on my phone as I was at a birthday party with my daughter. As Rune had match point (after what felt like 10 deuces), my phone went dead, so it was a nervous wait to find out if he had won when I got home ‚ Thanks"

Kev (Nov 2022)

'Thanks for the excellent tip and information'

"Thanks, was on Holger Rune, and watched the end of the match through my fingers! Thanks for the excellent tip and information you sent. I was on at 33/1, thank goodness"

Madelyn C (Nov 2022)

'Great selection, very happy'

"Great selection and terrific play from Holger Rune. He certainly looks one to follow in the next couple of years. I missed the early 33/1 but managed to bag an each way at 16/1 so very happy"

Anthony (Nov 2022)

'I managed to get 28/1, excellent informative service'

"Congratulations on the Rune info I managed to get 28/1 so delighted!, Thanks again for your excellent informative service. Kind regards"

Andy S (Nov 2022)

'Each Way £103 return'

"I had £2 EW with William Hill and got £103 return. Many thanks"

Denis (Nov 2022)

'Minimum profit for the tournament is 32.9 points'

"Hi Tom. Just wanted to share my position with you. I backed Casper Ruud as you suggested but a little late so only at 34.0. I also backed Ons Jabeur at 17.00. Good return on both so far but might be even better. To ensure a winning position, I've now had a saver bet of Alcaraz and Swiatek to win. Minimum profit for the tournament is 32.995 points. Maximum profit would be 104.55 points. Thanks again for your tips and advice. As you say, it only takes one although sometimes 2 come along at once"

Rob (Sept 2022)

'Keep up the incredibly good work'

"You must be able to survive on very few hours sleep during these big tournaments and it is really appreciated by me and I am sure many of your loyal fans Keep up the incredibly good work"

Alan (Sept 2022)

'A unique and marvellous service'

"Keep doing what you are doing Tom, it is a unique and marvellous service you run. Here's to a successful end to the Tennis year, yours in sport Frank"

Frank (Sept 2022)

'I feel that you offer an honest and value for money service'

"Hi Tom, I thought I would send some feedback after being a new member for Wimbledon. All in all I must say you seem to offer a fine service! (No pun intended). Although I missed out on the big prices on Jabeur, my Wimbledon was profitable and this was followed up with a great shout on Baez. The icing on the cake this weekend was Cameron Smith [for The Open golf I feel that you offer an honest and value for money thank you. Regards"

Giles M (July 2022)

'25/1 winners are always welcome'

"Thanks for the tip about Cam Smith [for The Open golf]. I had to follow the golf on the radio as I don't have Sky, but it was very exciting. 25/1 winners are always welcome. Also did Baez each way so a good weekend. Why the BBC don't cover the British Open is beyond me!!! Regards"

Tony R (July 2022)

'A fiver at 25/1 was very acceptable thanks for the entertainment'

"Well done with your golf tipping. I'm a little wealthier as a consequence A fiver at 25/1 was very acceptable what an afternoon entertainment. Incredible stuff. I also had a couple of quid on Baez. Not too unhappy with a 10/1 payout. I also had a saver on his opponent - who was about 6/4 - so that softened the blow. So thanks for the tipping and the entertainment. Regards"

Roger W (July 2022)

'A fiver each way at 25/1'

"I had fiver e/w on Cam at 25 so am happy with that"

Andy P (July 2022)

'£5 each way, made £150 profit'

"I didn't get on the tennis ... BUT I did get on both your golf selections. I got 25/1 with Hills who you also suggested using. Just like the tennis I went £5 each way, made £150 profit. So thanks for that"

John B (July 2022)

'I was on both of your bets'

"Hi Tom, I was on both of your bets tennis and golf not bad return £5 e/w, thanks"

Ash K (July 2022)

'Thanks again for your wonderful service'

"Morning Tom. Yes, l backed them both. My only disappointment was that l didn't combine them in an EW double! Still, not complaining, a more than decent afternoon's entertainment, Thanks again for your wonderful service"

Frank H (July 2022)

'I backed Jabeur each way at 40-1'

"I backed Jabeur each way at 40-1 when you advised it but just a very small stake but a winner is a winner."

Mark C (July 2022)

'I made £87, thanks for the tip'

"[RE: Ons Jabeur for Wimbledon] Yes I did back her when she was 34 to 1. I made £87!, Thanks for the tip"

Gary T (July 2022)

'Had a fiver each way at 33-1'

"Had a fiver each way on Ons at 33-1 so no complaints"

Andy P (July 2022)

'I'm at least £200 up. Great tipping Tom'

"Thanks for your last 2 days tips! Had 10 trebles yesterday, same again today plus an acca. I'm at least £200 up. Great tipping Tom"

Roy Q (June 2022)

'Superb stuff Tom! Cracking bet today'

"Superb stuff Tom! Cracking bet today. I was on Tommy outright so added De Minaur (to partly hedge the bet) and Tsitsipas to the 5 fold to land a lovely 24/1 winner. Hopefully Cressy can get the job done and guarantee us another nice payout! I look forward to the next few days, weeks and months ahead. All the best"

Paul S (June 2022)

'Thank you Tom, I was able to get 12/1'

"Thank you Tom. With Bet365's acca bonus I was able to get 12/1. A nice start for Wimbledon!!"

Peter H (June 2022)

'Made a super profit'

"7-5 in the final set almost! But thank you, I did a Super Yankee and made a super profit. Very best wishes and enjoy the rest of the grass season"

Steve L (June 2022)

'Well done again with 100/1 selection Taylor Fritz'

"Hi Tom, Well done again with 100/1 selection Taylor Fritz. Always a case of when, not if you land that next big priced winner. I can't even begin to imagine the rollercoaster emotions you must go through when you watch a match with one of your big priced selections in the final. Nadal in the final doesn't get much tougher than that. Onwards and upwards. Best wishes"

Paul C (Mar 2022)

'I had £5.00 e.w @ 66/1'

"Hi Tom, just to let you know I had £5.00 e.w @ 66/1 BetFred. Cheers for that, keep up the good work"

Matt (Mar 2022)

'77/1 Taylor Fritz boom'

"Thanks Tom, 77/1 Taylor Fritz boom"

Aldon C (Mar 2022)

'Everybody's happy. except Mr Bookie'

"Hi Tom, congratulations on picking Taylor Fritz. Personally I got 60/1, but it's still a big winning price. I'm sure some members got on at 100/1. Good for them. So everybody's happy today.... except Mr Bookie"

John B (Mar 2022)

'Very happy with the big win'

"Only managed 66/1 but no complaints. Very happy with the big win. Keep it up. Thanks a lot."

Frederick M (Mar 2022)

'It felt good cashing in my £5 each way at 100/1'

"BetFred closed my account for winning very small amounts on horse racing so it felt good cashing in my £5 each way at 100/1 on Fritz in one of his shops this morning especially after my ante-post yankee at Cheltenham came in last week. Opening his safe twice in a week felt like sweet revenge. The manageress of the shop looked at the betting slip with interest and said "Is that a male or female player?". After informing her she said "Oh right, I have never heard of him." Thanks for the selections, you have silenced your 'hecklers' again in the space of a few weeks. Regards"

Roger T (Mar 2022)

'Happy days'

"Well done Tom, £5 ew at 66/1 for £505. Happy days, you've been so close recently, well done"

John H (Mar 2022)

'£5 each way @ 77/1'

"[RE: Taylor Fritz winning Indian Wells] Hi Tom, £5 ew @ 77/1. Many thanks!"

Jill B (Mar 2022)

'Great tipping Tom. Was on Fritz at 60/1'

"Great tipping Tom. Was on Fritz at 60/1. Keep up the good work! Kind regards"

Roy (Mar 2022)

'Top tipping'

"Tom, Top tipping as per. Betfred held the 100s thankfully. Well done"

Alan W (Mar 2022)

'Thanks very much, gonna buy myself a new tablet with the winnings!...'

"Cheers Tom, great pick! I hedged a little on Nadal in play which looked the right call when he broke at start of the second set but what a performance from our man. I got 80/1 through Ladbrokes after using an odds boost. Thanks very much, gonna buy myself a new tablet with the winnings!"

David T (Mar 2022)

'Outstanding. I was on at 100/1'

"Hi Tom, Well done with young Taylor Fritz. Outstanding. I was on at 100/1, that's the good news, the bad news is Betfred aren't too keen on laying big prices so I got a grand total of £1.65 each way on it, still led to a £250 payout. So cheers again. I was abroad on holiday when you sent the email regarding folk saying you were hopeless or making up winners - I can assure them that you are completely genuine. Obviously there are going to be bare weeks, lots of them, such is the nature of chasing big prices, and the unpredictable nature of, especially women's, tennis. But I was on Sofia Kenin in Oz at 50s, on Swiatek at 100s in France (and Kenin again R/U). Plenty more in the 16/20/25 to 1 range as well over the years So ignore the doubters and keep doing the research and tipping the big price winners. Well done again"

Kenny (Mar 2022)

'Very nice payday, thanks'

"Hi Tom, Got a rubbish 50-1 on Fritz with Will Hill each way, so a very nice payday, thanks"

Colin H (Mar 2022)

'Woke up with a 70/1 winner'

"Thanks Tom well done I watched the first set and then went to bed woke up with a 70/1 winner keep up the good work"

Colin W (Mar 2022)

'Great result. I got 70-1'

"Well done Tom. Great result. I got 70-1 with PP. Carry on the good work. Cheers"

John T (Mar 2022)

'I had Taylor at 101.0, what a pick Tom'

"Hi Tom, I had Taylor at 101.0 with BetFred. Only £5 each way but hey, I'll take that every day of the week and twice on a Sunday. What a pick Tom. Thank you so much. 2022 is already shaping up to be a bumper year for you and all your followers. Hope you are well and enjoying the return to normal"

Rob (Mar 2022)

'I was on with Paddy Power at 70/1'

"Tom, I was on with Paddy Power at 70/1. Don't normally use them as they don't give me promotions anymore but I made a deposit and well the rest as they say is history. Keep up the good work!"

Simon L (Mar 2022)

'I had £5 each way with Bet365 at 50-1 so very happy'

"After gladly collecting profits on the high-priced each-way bets this season of Norrie and Osorio, Taylor Fritz delivered even more. I had a £5 each way with Bet365 at 50-1 so very happy"

Steve (Mar 2022)

'Lovely £1070 win, thank you'

"Hi Tom............Well.......You've done it again !! Had Fritz at 71/1 .....lovely £1070 win, thank you, my eldest son is 18 in May and this will be his birthday present!"

Ade (Mar 2022)

'I had 100/1 with Betfred and topped up with 50/1 at Sky'

"I had 100/1 with Betfred and topped up with 50/1 at Sky, just wish I had topped up more, even at 50/1! Thanks Tom. Didn't respond to your email about flak a couple of weeks back, but even before the Fritz win you would not have heard any complaints from me. I am a long term subscriber and intend to continue as long as you do...."

Andrew P (Mar 2022)

'Got on at 66/1 and delighted with the win'

"Hi Tom, Exciting and (as you say) quite surprising win for Taylor Fritz in the early hours. Thank you - got on at 66/1 and delighted with the win"

Madelyn C (Mar 2022)

'£10 @ 75-1. Happy Days'

"Hi Tom, Wow !! What a win !! £10 @ 75-1. Happy Days. Thank you."

Charlie P (Mar 2022)

'You know tennis better than anyone I've ever met'

"You know tennis better than anyone I've ever met. eg. without you, the chances of me having a 30/1 finalist by the name of Maria Camila Osorio Serrano are precisely zero"

Steve H (Mar 2022)

'I plan to continue being a member of your excellent service for many years to come'

"Hi Tom, I look forward to your emails as they are very informative. Every bet will not win as this is not possible. People who do not see the amount of work that you put into each email should be removed from the service. I have been a subscriber to your service possibly since the beginning. I plan to continue being a member of your excellent service for many years to come. Keep up the excellent work and try to ignore the minority. Thanks again"

Andrew R (Mar 2022)

'I couldn't be more happy with the service you provide'

"œI've subscribed to your service for about four years now and last year I subscribed for the next ten years. I must say how much I look forward to your emails. I find them interesting and very informative. Like every service I've had some very profitable tournaments and some not so profitable. Overall I couldn't be more happy with the service you provide. Ignore the negative comments and carry on the good work."

John T (Mar 2022)

'Your knowledge on tennis must be second to none'

"Your knowledge on tennis must be second to none and the research and tracking of all the players in comps all around the globe I find amazing. I like your approach in taking on the bookies is exactly what I want because I do not typically do big stakes, keep up the good work !!"

Derek (Mar 2022)

'Your enthusiasm and the depth of your knowledge are self-evident'

"Your records will show that I have been a subscriber for some years and I have never had any doubts as to the value of the service you have provided. Your enthusiasm and the depth of your knowledge are self-evident and have provided me with a great deal of enjoyment. In addition I have benefitted to the tune of a pound or two. Over the last two months and acting on your advice I backed Danielle Collins each way to win the Australian Women's Open (e.w odds 25.00), won a 6 match acca. In a subsequent ATP Tournament (odds, including a Bet365 acca. bonus, of 15.70) and backed the mythical Cameron Norrie each way to win The ATP Acapulco (e.w. odds 16.50). Needless to say I shall be continuing my membership!"

Peter H (Mar 2022)

'You have supplied many big priced winner's'

"You have supplied many big priced winners and runners up over the years, You are an honest tipster identifying opportunities I would never find myself"

Frederick M (Mar 2022)

'A terrific service'

"Ones To Watch is a terrific service with not only your selections but also the reasoning behind which allows us to decide if we agree with your thought process rather than just following the selections. Keep believing in the service you provide"

Trevor C (Mar 2022)

'The service provided is informative and enjoyable'

"I am writing to say that the service provided is informative and enjoyable. I must admit that tennis is not one of my strong points and although not a big stake gambler, I follow all the information provided and in my opinion you are certainly not doing a bad job and have provided some lucrative results since I became a member! So keep up the good work and I look forward to a few more winners in the coming months!"

Michael W (Mar 2022)

'Very knowledgeable and interesting'

"I have only been a member of your service for a month or two, but find your emails very knowledgeable and interesting, and have had quite a few wins during my membership, thanks to your tips, Looking forward to more winners, but promise I don't expect them every week!"

Madelyn C (Mar 2022)

'Spectacular returns when they arrive'

"Hi Tom, Just a quick note to say thanks for the analysis and tips over the last few years. Backing at big prices means that fewer winners are landed but with spectacular returns when they arrive, Keep up the good work"

Eric J (Mar 2022)

'I have followed you for a long time now'

"I have followed you for a long time now and have always found your comments and assessments very helpful. Of course you can't find the winner every time, but when they do come it makes up for the near misses"

Tony R (Mar 2022)

'Strong insight's true passion'

"You Tom and your merry colleagues @ Oxonpress (Nick & Oliver) are trustworthy partners giving me strong insights and opening new sharp & profitable fields in my mind. More than that, what is driving you (and I can feel it within your messages) is true passion & that's something obviously leading to success. Wishing you the best, in the betting & even beyond"

Nicolas from France (Mar 2022)

'Won with Cameron Norrie, keep up the good work!...'

"Hi Tom, Just won with Cameron Norrie - who I wouldn't have backed without your advice - so I'm not about to complain! No one is infallible, with any gambling, you win some and you lose some. You give us the statistics and your suggestions - it is up to us whether we act upon your advice. Keep up the good work!"

Jill B (Mar 2022)

'Norrie @ 33/1, thank you'

"Hello Tom, I enjoy your email and advice; keeping up with all the up and coming players, which I certainly don't have the time to do. We know they can't all be winners but that's all part of the whole picture. Keep them coming. And I did take Norrie @ 33/1, so thank you"

Paul Z (Mar 2022)

'Tom's knowledge of the tennis world is second to none'

"Tom's knowledge of the tennis world is second to none and must take a lot of research and watching the game. His recommended tips are always well explained and his Grand Slam coverage consists of a daily bulletin which can contain multiple tips. Tom also offered me some personal advice on a bet I had running on the Women's 2021 US Open final that resulted in me being a winner before the match had begun so I could sit back and enjoy the game regardless of the result. Thank you Tom"

Phil A (Mar 2022)

'Very interesting article's excellent insight'

"Hi Tom, I really enjoy your articles which are full of good information. I have won many times with your Ones to Watch and I value your input and very interesting articles Please continue with your excellent insight and input. A sincere thank you and Best Regards"

Gwyn J (Mar 2022)

'Tom says it like it is'

"Opinion of Tom: He points to the reasons why he tips the big priced players, it all makes sense and then you have to wait for the results. It only needs one Big Priced winner or 2nd place to pay out Big. You must enjoy the matches as well or don't do it. Like normal betting it's brilliant when one Wins and if not then you've had a crack at a Big Win! Tom is honest and his write ups are entertaining. It's gambling and it needs some luck and insight to Win. Tom says it like it is"

Simon C (Mar 2022)

'Vast knowledge'

"I love your content you always give sound selections and hunt for the prices that's what I like about the service...not going with the crowd... but using your vast knowledge to give out value selections"

Dave H (Mar 2022)

'Your service is first class and offers great value...'

"I had never bet on tennis until I subscribed to your service and I must say I have been impressed with the standard of your advice and the success all long term subscribers have enjoyed. Not only have you made all tournaments that bit more interesting but found some great outsiders too bet on. If people used your advice intelligently eg back these outsiders for quarterfinal wins as well each way outright they should have a nice plus balance! I am not a big punter and never bet money I can't afford to lose learnt that in the racing game too! But your service is first class and offers great value too!"

Andy S (Mar 2022)

'I think your take on tennis is great entertainment'

"As I have always loved a punt myself and have been a golf professional for 50 years, I think I know a little bit more than most about sport. I think your take on tennis is great entertainment and I'll never forget the 100/1 win I had with M.Cilic. Keep going Maestro and I would be very happy to have my letter printed to endorse your service"

John Hammond (Mar 2022)

'I learn a lot about how to approach my tennis betting'

"My feedback for your service: I really enjoy the write ups and I learn a lot about how to approach my tennis betting as well as which stats hold more weight, the form of the players and backing players early before they start to gain popularity and hype (i.e. their odds start shortening). Have had a fair few lovely winners and plenty of each way payouts during my time with the service. I also use the information you provide to create opportunities in spread indexes (e.g. players to reach the quarter finals, to win their quarter etc..). Keep up the great work Tom!"

Neel S (Mar 2022)

'It seems quite clear that you are an expert on tennis'

"Hi Tom, I've only been a member of your service for a short while, but it seems quite clear that you are an expert on tennis, I feel you go into a certain amount of detail regarding the players and are always looking ahead for the next breakthrough winner"

Dave S (Mar 2022)

'When we do win we win at good prices'

"Tom, you are upfront and honest regarding backing outsiders, I like the service, we lose more often than we win but when we do win we win at good prices"

Aldon C (Mar 2022)

'Always an interesting read'

"I have been following your tips for a number of years, more out of interest than in order to make a large killing at the bookies. However, I can confirm that I was on Iga Swiatek when she won the French Open, and on Sofia Kenin when she won the US, plus Danielle Collins in the Aussie Open as a runner up. Your Ones to Watch missive at the start of each year is always an interesting read, and it is good to see that a few of your highlighted men's players are starting to challenge the top table (e.g Sinner, Auger-Aliassime). Keep up the good work"

Colin H (Mar 2022)

'After those wins you owe me nothing'

"You've given me a few good returns this year, including the bet on Norrie which turned a losing week into a winning one (that was a good feeling), after the big wins in 2020. 50/1 winner Australian Open on Sofia Kenin and even better the French Open the 2 bets I had on Iga Swiatek (the only time I've doubled up) 28/1 and 100/1. Also Kenin as runner up. Any way after those wins you owe me nothing keep up the good work"

John B (Mar 2022)

'I think you are the dog's bo###cks as regards tennis knowledge and tipping'

"I think you are the dog's bo###cks as regards tennis knowledge and tipping. I have over the years following you made a very handsome profit but more than that enjoyed following "our tips" sometimes to fruition, but it is gambling so many fail but overall I am many points up Keep up the good work and ignore the doubters!"

Ian (Mar 2022)

'I enjoy your emails and appreciate the wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm you have for the sport'

"Previously I had only a passing interest in tennis and very rarely (if ever) did I have a bet on tennis. Your service has changed this. I enjoy your emails and appreciate the wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm you have for the sport. Also, and this has probably made me biased, I have had a number of rewarding wagers based on your suggestions - including Cameron Norrie at 33/1. Although I haven't kept a detailed record I imagine that I have made a profit from your selections. Even if I hadn't the journey has been more than worth it with the interest it has engendered. Best wishes - and keep the emails coming"

Roger W (Mar 2022)

'For me no one can rival your knowledge'

"For me no one can rival your knowledge about the female and male tennis game. Best of all you don't tip short price favs. I just love a big priced outsider. Keep the good work going"

Peter W (Mar 2022)

'You have a clear insight and a shrewd eye for your sport'

"I have subscribed to your service for quite some time. I took up a lifetime subscription with your publisher along with Nick Pullen and Oliver Upstone's services. You have a clear insight and a shrewd eye for your sport. So much so that a couple of years ago you had both finalists in a women's event, can't remember the names now but one was an Italian lady! Anyway, they were at huge prices, 3 digits for one and a big price for the other. Since then, there have been many winners along the way. Long may you continue with your service, it's an interesting read as well as a profitable one"

Peter M (Mar 2022)

'Paid out at 11/1'm pleased with the service'

"The service won't always win every bet, clearly. But it's always readable and logical, and I look forward to receiving regular advice. Just recently as I recall you had an accumulator on singles matches, paid out at 11-1 I'm pleased with the service and will certainly continue"

Thomas B (Mar 2022)

'With you, tennis has grown on me'

"With you, tennis has grown on me, and it's the only sport that I occasionally truly enjoy watching. That active interest is probably why it's easier for me to feel connected to your service Keep doing your thing! Best, Gabriel ( all the way from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)"

Gabriel (Mar 2022)

'Excellent, I have followed for over 7 years'

"Tom Wilson gives excellent pre and during tournament tennis information for the entire season, especially with the younger upcoming players. This is a long term winning strategy of advice I have followed for over 7 years"

Mike Knight (Mar 2022)

'You run an honest service keep up the good work'

"Hi Tom, I've just been with your service from the Australian Open and I feel you run an honest service keep up the good work. All the best"

Tony M (Mar 2022)

'It would be my pleasure to buy you a cheeseburger and a beer...'

"Just a few lines to once again say thank you, I first started with your service when Stan [Wawrinka] won the French in 2015, that was my first big win with Stan being at 70/1 a great first win of £700 (made a rookie mistake of not listening to you to go each way!!), have never left your service and have no intention of leaving with Swiatek and Ostapenko under our belts, actually Ostapenko was the biggest win of over £2500. If / when we ever meet up it would be a pleasure to buy you a cheeseburger and a beer .....I know you've won me a lot of money but business is business !! Cheers Tom"

Ade (Mar 2022)

'You are providing an excellent service'

"Hi Tom, I believe that you are providing an excellent service. It is evident that you put a lot of hard work in and you provide the logic for your choices. I did bet Norrie EW at Acapulco, for which advice I thank you. I combine your logic with my own, to come up with selections. No one expects a 100% success rate and nor should they. Regards"

Richard M (Mar 2022)

'You have certainly helped me win more than I lose'

"Hi Tom, Whilst I do not know you personally, I have followed your advice for many years now. Most of them profitable. I was on Cameron Norrie last week even though I felt it unlikely he was going to give us a return. Well, what do I know. A tasty profit of 16.5 points on the week. I'd settle for that every week no question. I was also on your 6-fold back in mid-February. That, on its own, returned a profit of 9 points. I keep accurate records of my bets and, since 1st January 2022, my profit from tennis bets stands at 73.458 points. The Australian Open was particularly profitable. Keep up the good work Tom. I for one believe in you 100% and you have certainly helped me win more than I lose"

Rob B (Mar 2022)

'More than pleased to be with you'

"I have to say that you have been perfectly honest with us, when we signed up you made it clear that with your style of betting there would be more losers than winners owing to you backing high odds for underdogs. Personally I am more than pleased to be with you and you can use this as a testimonial"

Steve Thorn (Mar 2022)

'I follow you every time'

"100% honest views, opinions and selections. I follow you every time"

Keith W (Mar 2022)

'Genuine skill and hard work'

"I have been with you for many years and recognise genuine skill and hard work in researching and then sifting out value for money bets and young talent that up to your messages have been under the radar. Your background information and player histories are worth the very reasonable subscription alone ... You can be proud of the fact that your comments and information can normally move markets immediately within the ranks of the spineless bookmaker community. Please keep up the good work"

Alan W (Mar 2022)

'I thoroughly enjoy your analysis'

"Not being a tennis man myself I thoroughly enjoy your analysis and have a better insight into the game. I would never have dreamt of betting on the sport but look forward each week to the forth coming tournaments and the chance of a big price winner!!"

Jeremy F (Mar 2022)

'33/1 each way, Thanks Tom'

"Great to see Cam Norrie start the season well - and even better when I've followed your tip and backed him at 33-1 each way. Thanks Tom"

Steve L (Feb 2022)

'Congratulations a shrewd piece of analysis'

"Hi Tom. I just want to add my congratulations on the good DR Collins reaching the final. Your inbox will be busy with praise over the next few days from fellow members I'm sure. It was a shrewd piece of analysis by you on Day 6 by covering both Danielle and Clara Tauson, You have had yet another successful tournament getting Collins to the final at up to 66/1 and it may get better still. Ones to Watch is a great mix of Outright picks and the much smaller markets like match winners, double faults, aces, set betting and others from which we have had winning picks. As a member, I have profited from your various match markets as mentioned above as they give me plenty of ideas when formulating my own betting strategies, both backing and laying on the Betfair Exchange. Whatever the result, enjoy the final on Saturday. I know you and members will enjoy it even more if Danielle wins. Best wishes"

Paul (Jan 2022)

'Just to say how much I have enjoyed reading your daily email's'

"Just a quick note Tom to say how much l have enjoyed reading your daily emails from the Australian Open. Backed Collins at 50's after the 2nd rd on your advice Once again many thanks"

Frank H (Jan 2022)

'Really informative and enjoyable'

"Hi Tom, Thanks for your in-depth tennis previews and tips, I always find them really informative and enjoyable. Kind regards"

Steve K (Oct 2021)

'I learnt so much about the players'

"I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you put in for us in Australia; I learnt so much about players, not to mention getting the women's finalist! Your evening letter was great for looking forward to during this ghastly time of Covid. Many thanx again"

Jane G (Feb 2021)

'Super start to the season'

"Congratulations on a super start to the 2021 season. After 11-2 match odds for Katie Boulter's win over Coco Gauff and 16-1 for Elise Mertens winning the Gippsland Trophy my account is very much in credit wishing you a super season to come"

Steve (Feb 2021)

'Woke up and found £110 in my account'

"RE: Katie's got a chance at 5/1... Nice one Tom, Woke up this morning and found an extra £110 in my account, so a great start to February. That covered the £111 I spent on new clothes for my wife on Sunday. After the garden work she had done last year out of the French Open winnings, I think she will already be working out what she can spend my next winnings on lol! Kind Regards"

Andy (Feb 2021)

'Excellent service'

"Hi Tom, Thank you for your excellent service, Your Iga Swiatek selection was truly inspirational!"

Chris H (Jan 2021)

'Great shout would never have placed this bet without your advice'

"Hi Tom, Great shout Korda 2-1. Was on this one just £5. Would never have made this bet without your advice. As always when goes well wish had gone bigger! Happy new year"

Valerie (Jan 2021)

'Woke up to find an extra £77.70 in my account'

"Cheers Tom, Woke up this morning to find an extra £77.70 in my Unibet account as took 4.88 on the set betting yesterday. Excellent start to the year Lol. Told the wife and she has just spent it on 3 jumpers. Didn't have long to enjoy that win"

Andy W (Jan 2021)


"Hi Tom. Well what a result.. Many thanks! Had 50 @ 3-1 and 50 @ 4-1 on the 2-1 scorelines and a 50 double with Bet365 and 5% acca bonus 1047.50 so totalled 1497.50. Happy Days. Cheers"

Charlie P (Nov 2020)

'How does he do it, Dad?...'

"Hi Tom, was telling my son about your tennis tips, his exact words were "how does he do it dad?" ....Well done Tom, you most certainly are, 'on the ball'!"

Davy C (Nov 2020)

'You've made me feel like an expert'

"Dear Tom, I wanted to say thank you, My first experience with your service was Wimbledon 2017 with Cilic making the final, and I've been with you ever since through Sloane Stephens at the US Open, Vondrousova at the French, Kenin at the Australian, plus numerous others Obviously the winners are fantastic, but what I really wanted to say is just how much I've enjoyed the whole experience. I already loved tennis before I joined the service, but you've made me love and appreciate it so much more, and I've learnt so much. I really enjoy reading your e-mails and analysis "I get far more than just winners from your service: I get huge enjoyment and entertainment. I look forward to getting your e-mails and enjoy the whole experience of betting on tournaments, regardless of the outcome. I also enjoy expanding my knowledge of tennis. You've made me feel like a bit of an expert (which I'm really not!). I feel I know the current players better than anyone I know, and I really love that As for the recent French Open, I think it sums up your service for me: you were too good. On your advice, I backed Swiatek in July, but the best odds I could get were 45-1. I had £10 each way at that price. She then drifted to 100-1 at the start of the tournament, so I put on another £5 e/w at that price. After she won, the BBC Sport website reported it by essentially saying that no one would have predicted this at the start of the tournament. I read that and thought well, Tom not only predicted it at the start of the tournament, he predicted it three months earlier So after two years, it's about time I said thank you. I've paid off some bills this week, and then spent an enjoyable couple of hours on Amazon Prime Day yesterday, treating myself and my family to a few things out of the remainder of my winnings. It's been a very good week. But as I say, you've done a lot more than just give me a bit of extra cash. You've given me a lot of enjoyment for more than two years, and that will continue regardless of the number of winners or losers. So thank you."

Phil G (Oct 2020)

'100/1 celebrating with a few glasses of red wine'

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say I started my sub to your service just before the US Open on the recommendation of another of your followers. I backed Swiatek at 100/1 at the start and Kenin at 40/1 (£5 ew for both) so looking forward to the weekend so I can start celebrating with a few glasses of red wine. Will obviously be rooting for Swiatek but happy whoever wins. Keep up the good work enjoy reading all the write ups, Cheers"

Malcolm (Oct 2020)

'100/1 and 40/1 my wife says Thank You'

"Great advice Tom congrats on getting the two finalists. I managed to get Iga Swiatek at 100/1 with Boyles and 40/1 on Sofia Kenin so fantastic profit either way. I traded a few points in the quarters and semis just in case either player lost but still way ahead whoever wins plus a bit extra from the quarter winning bets as well. My wife is happy as she wants some work done in the garden and I told her yesterday that she can get it done, as Tom's selections had paid for it. She said thank you"

Andy W (Oct 2020)

'Win-win situation 33/1 and 100/1'

"Hi Tom. I got Sofia Kenin at 33/1 e/way but Iga Swiatek initially at 25/1 and again at 100/1. As you said it's a win-win situation. Kindest regards"

Gordon (Oct 2020)

'FANTASTIC! 100/1 and 40/1'

"Morning Tom, You may recall I wrote to you at the beginning of Sep. expressing scepticism at your Outrights strategy after my two recommended picks both lost in the 1st round of the US Open. Your reply persuaded me to stick with you. And am I glad I did! In answer to your question how's my French Open book looking, my answer in a word is.... FANTASTIC! On 27 Sep I placed a £5ew bet with Boyle on Swiatek at 100/1 & later 1 Oct. on Kenin at 40/1 with Bet365"

Richard R (Oct 2020)

'I got 100/1 on Swiatek, good work!...'

"Hi Tom, I got 100-1 on Swiatek with Skybet. Just annoyed that it was my smallest bet of the whole tournament! Either way I win over £200 whatever the result is as also on Kenin. Good work!"

Mark (Oct 2020)

'100/1 Fantastic service'

"Hi Tom, Have followed your recommendations for years, first big win was Wawrinka at 70/1 many years ago. Have Iga at 100/1 on the 26th September and picked off similar odds in the days that followed ....hope Saturday will be a day to remember !!! Fantastic service and hopefully many more to come. Cheers Tom"

Adrian (Oct 2020)

'Thank you without your knowledge I would not have backed the two winners'

"I just wished to write you a quick note to thank you for your emails & news, as without your knowledge I would not have backed the two winners yesterday. A million thank yous. I do so enjoy your tennis news Just felt I had to tell you, how much pleasure you give us all"

Jane (Oct 2020)

'To say I'm happy is an understatement'

"Just had to email you to thank you very much, the French Tennis Final has netted me £500 and to say I'm happy is a wayyyy understatement you have always been totally honest, your strategy is to go for up and coming rank outsiders so more losses than winners. But when they come it does not get better than this, Thank you soooo much my friend"

Steve from Gloucestershire (Oct 2020)

'80/1 and 40/1 patience needed but well worth waiting for'

"Only been with you a few weeks and got the two finalists at 80/1 and 40/1 having come close in the previous tournament at very high odds. Patience needed at these odds but when they come off well worth waiting for so thanks very much."

Ivor (Oct 2020)

'Enjoyable, informative and of course very profitable'

"Tom, just to say thanks for a fabulous fortnight. Your posts are enjoyable, informative and of course very profitable. You should be very proud. Again, many thanks."

Ian (Oct 2020)

'Great result, was so excited watching the semi finals'

"What can I say, great result. On at 33/1 and 45/1 for Kenin. Was so excited watching semi finals hoping for one to get through but 2 was fantastic, keep going"

John H (Oct 2020)

'100/1 winner, thank you for winning us the French Open'

"AAAHHHHH. Sorry had to get that out of my system, Well done Tom you've finally done it a 100/1 winner 2 players at good prices in the final WOW Sofia Kenin at 33/1 (who's still my my biggest winner of the year so far, thanks to you advising her at 50/1 for Australian Open). And Iga Swiatek at 28/1 antepost and 100/1, when her price pumped up I couldn't ignore it could I. So thank you for winning us the French Open ... today's returns are what I usually make in a year on bets parked the car for the night, so I'm going to raise a toast to you and Iga for providing us with a very big winner"

John B (Oct 2020)

'45/1 nice payout whatever the result of the final'

"I'm on Kenin for the title btw at a Ladbrokes odds boosted 45/1 I have hedged so will get a nice payout whatever the result of the final, thanks for the tips!"

Dave T (Oct 2020)

'66/1 and 40/1 very happy bunny'

"I am on Swiatek at 66/1 and Kenin at 40/1. Very happy bunny, thank you."

Andrew P (Oct 2020)

'Well done again, I got 80/1 and 33/1'

"Just wanted to say well done with the women's selections at Roland Garros. I got 80/1 for Swiatek and 33/1 for Kenin. A big price for a reigning Grand Slam champion in Australia!! Well done again."

Tony R (Oct 2020)

'Been a member for years and always end the season in profit'

"Hi Tom, What a day we had yesterday. I have Swiatek @ 101.00 and Kenin at 41.00 Been a member for years and always end the season in profit. Looks like this year that profit is going to be the best yet. Keep coming Tom"

Rob B (Oct 2020)

'Swiatek at 100/1 thanks for the great tips'

"Hi Tom, Thought I'd join in & let you know I'm on Swiatek 100s with Boyle & Kenin 40s with Bet365. Thanks for the great tips, biggest winner I had previously was 80 on Cilic at US Open I'll be routing for Swiatek but either way, great stuff. I'll be watching in the evening as I'm living in Thailand. Take care."

Jonathan (Oct 2020)

'Thank you for the hard work you clearly put in'

"Very well done on hitting the Swiatek-Kenin final. Thank you for the hard work you clearly put in and the appealing logic. Regards"

Richard M (Oct 2020)

'Well done Tom! I got 80/1 on Swiatek'

"Well done Tom! I got 80/1 on Swiatek but only 33/1 on Kenin. I did back her in February though!! On the positive side I had double stakes on Kenin so I don't really mind who wins, although I think it will be Swiatek if the occasion doesn't get to her. Enjoy the Final!"

David (Oct 2020)

'Outstanding on at 66/1 and 40/1'

"Outstanding Tom. Followed you for ages and have been delighted with the results. Ok, can go weeks hitting the bar but as you say, at big prices these things happen. Was on Sofia Kenin in the Aussie open at 60/1 and this week, well want can I say....on Swiatek at 66s and on Kenin at 40s. Can sit back Saturday afternoon with a cold beer and enjoy the match. Cheers mate! Carry on the good work."

Kenny (Oct 2020)

'Amazing! 50/1 and 40/1 long may you continue'

"Amazing! I wrote to you after Melbourne and said what a super start to 2020 with Alexandrova winning at Shenzhen (11-1 for me) and then Kenin at 40-1 for Melbourne. And then when tennis came back at Palermo I wrote and said thanks for picking the 2 finalists in a field of 32 at prices (for me) of 20-1 and 12-1 which was awesome. Now you have surpassed all with Swiatek at 50-1 and Kenin at 40-1 making the Roland Garros final. (I heard the commentator on ITV say 'who had Swiatek in the sweepstake?' and I replied 'me'). And this is just the big highlights not counting some of the smaller winning tips. I only have modest bets but I may just run to a beer this weekend. Thanks and long may you continue"

Steve L (Oct 2020)

'Very enjoyable'

"Thanks for a very enjoyable French Open. 2 players into the final a nice payout whatever happens. Thanks again."

Roger W (Oct 2020)

'Well done on highlighting Iga Swiatek'

"I joined your service at the beginning of the French Open Well done on highlighting Iga Swiatek. I backed her at 29/1 to reach the final. Good tip for Sofia Kenin too Looking forward to the rest of the season. Thanks"

Roger R (Oct 2020)

'20/1 winner and 10/1 runner-up BRILLIANT'

"Good morning Tom. What a good morning it is! Firstly it is so nice to get back to a 'proper' tournament and then to pick up the winner (20/1) and the runner up (10/1) BRILLIANT"

Martin H (Aug 2020)

'Truly wonderful both finalists at 25/1 and 12/1'

Morning Tom, a truly wonderful evening, l was on both finalists at 25's and 12's respectively. If only all gambling situations were as easy and stress free as that! As I've said to you before Tom, it's not about how many winners, it's about the price of those winners Well done"

Frank (Aug 2020)

'Thanks for the great selections'

"Thanks for the great selections in Palermo. I got 11.00 and 21.00 so wasn't too bothered about the result [in the final]. I watched the match on bet365 and it really was good tennis by both players. Ferro could go far with her determination. Thanks again"

Tony R (Aug 2020)

'Two finalists! 20/1 and 12/1'

"Hi Tom, Just a quick word to say well done in Palermo. I got 20/1 and 12/1, and laid off a bit on the exchanges before the semi-finals, still a nice profit, but the best craic was actually naming the two finalists!!"

L.J (Aug 2020)

'Very well done quite an achievement'

"[RE: WTA Palermo named both finalists] Very well done getting the reverse exacta last week. Quite an achievement"

Alan W (Aug 2020)

'Great work 12/1 and 21/1'

"Great work last week, keep it up! Was on Kontaveit at 12/1 and Ferro at 21/1"

Simon L (Aug 2020)

'I am in awe'

"[RE: WTA Palermo named both finalists] Very well done indeed. I am in awe. Fine compelling logic"

Richard (Aug 2020)

'I won £231 on the final'

"I won £231 on the final last night well done looking forward to next one thanks"

Peter (Aug 2020)

'My first ever tennis bets 20/1 winner'

"Having joined the service on 1 August, I realise I've been extremely lucky with my first ever outright tennis winner bets being profitable but thanks very much. I had Ferro @ 20/1 and Kontaveit @12/1 Looking forward to what's ahead"

Vic R (Aug 2020)

'Excellent result 20/1 and 12/1'

"Hi Tom, Excellent result, thank you. Managed 20/1 and 12/1 but taking it steady so £5 E/W on both returned £195"

Simon (Aug 2020)

'Both selections reached the final'

"Good that both selections reached the final, I could only get 12/1 on Kontaveit and 16/1 on Ferro both with Vcbet. No matter winners are winners!!"

Colin B (Aug 2020)

'Fantastic knowledge and insight'

"Hat's off to you Tom. Not the first time you've picked both finalists! Fantastic knowledge and insight"

Peter M (Aug 2020)

'You have set a new standard to aspire to'

"Palermo. Amazing. You have truly excelled. To pick the 2 finalists in a field of 32 at prices (for me) of 20-1 and 12-1 is awesome. And a bonus that the outsider won the final! My profit for a modest £10 e/w on both was £360 - 320 from Ferro and 40 from Kontaveit. You have set a new standard to aspire to"

Steve L (Aug 2020)

'Excellent tipping again Tom'

"[RE: WTA Palermo named both finalists] Excellent tipping again Tom. Well done!"

David C (Aug 2020)

'I imagine you're pouring a drink'

"[RE: WTA Palermo named both finalists] I'm barely watching the scoreboard on my end but I imagine you're pouring a drink before the last set in advance, thanks!"

Gabriel (Aug 2020)

'I took 9/2 kept me very well in credit'

"Excellent bloody-mindedness - being of similar persuasion, I took 9/2 on Pegula winning 2-1 with Bet365 on your tip which kept me very well in credit for the week"

Steve (June 2020)

'It was win-win! Keep up the good work'

"Nice one Tom! I was also able to lay off at 14/1 to small stakes on Fernandez so it was win-win! Keep up the good work"

David (June 2020)

'Congratulations again'

"Congratulations again Tom - even in lockdown and sifting through the more minor players you still have it. Even with my modest betting you have boosted my account by around GBP 180 this month - thanks again, best wishes and hope we return to the real world soon"

Steve (May 2020)

'Always worth a cheeky double!...'

"Hi Tom, keep up the good work on the tennis tips. Always worth a cheeky double!"

Phil (May 2020)

'Thanks for the shrewd advice'

"Thanks for the shrewd advice yesterday. I wasn't going to bother with these events but your write up tempted me into two singles and a double thanks again"

Tony R (May 2020)

'I really look forward to your emails'

"I had a tenner at 4/1. Great selection! Keep up the good work. I really look forward to your emails"

David C (May 2020)

'...Very impressed!...'

"[Re: Esports Tennis - Madrid Virtual Pro] Very impressed by your Madrid coverage! I got on Bencic's first match so that was good"

David T (April 2020)

'...Your insights were invaluable - thank you!'

"[Re: Esports Tennis - Madrid Virtual Pro] Thanks for these Tom! I got on Tsitsipas and Bencic on the outrights on EWs. I also backed both of them to win yesterday as singles and as a double, which made me a nice little profit. Your insights were invaluable so thank you for this!"

Neel S (April 2020)

'...Handsome profit at 10/1'

"Congratulations on tipping Cristian Garin in Rio - at 10-1 he provided a fourth handsome profit for me in 2020 Terrific few weeks - long may it continue"

Steve L (Feb 2020)

'Congratulations each way bet on Rybakina at 25/1'

"Congratulations again on your tips I had an each way bet on Elena Rybakina at 25-1 terrific run to the final where Berten's experience and depth of hitting told in the end but 2 winners and 2 runners up by mid Feb is such a great start thank you"

Steve L (Feb 2020)

'First ever tennis bet 40/1 winner'

"First ever tennis bet £1ew and a 40/1 winner, thank you Tom, excellent tipping."

Ian A (Feb 2020)

'Ahead of the curve'

"[RE: Sofia Kenin 50/1] Top tipping. Ahead of the curve as ever. Well done."

Alan (Feb 2020)


"[RE: Sofia Kenin 50/1] Congratulations Tom, Brilliant Tipping."

Stephen B (Feb 2020)

'Kenin at 50/1 Thanks for your hard work'

"Hi Tom, I'm a new subscriber, know nothing about tennis but I was lucky enough to get on Kenin at 50/1, only did a £1ew but still returned £77! Thanks for your hard work."

Leon (Feb 2020)

'Made £500 you can definitely pick an unlikely winner'

"Just a quick thank you for the Kenin and Thiem tips. I hedged a bit on Muguruza but still made £500 so that's great you can definitely pick an unlikely tournament winner On to the next one!"

Dave T (Feb 2020)

'Recouped my annual membership fee with the first tournament!...'

"Dear Tom, I am a new member to Ones To Watch. Using very small stakes I have already recouped my annual membership fee with the first tournament! You were spot on with Kenin and Thiem. As you always say, there will be losers but this is more than compensated with your most insightful reasoning."

Harry D (Feb 2020)

'Overjoyed to cash up 85 points profit'

"Hi Tom, Just dropping a line to thank you for a great weekend and fortnight. I was somewhat annoyed when Shapo and Opelka lost in the first round along with the daily advice record. However, it's never over until the fat lady sings and a couple of weeks later, I was overjoyed to cash up 85 points in your name at 10 quid per point. All in all, thank you! Along with those 17 points on Alexandrova, it's a great start to the year. Keep em coming!"

Gabriel (Feb 2020)

'Amazed at the in depth research and analysis excellent'

"Hi Tom, just a quick note to say thanks for the Australian Open picks - I had a very good payout with Kenin and not too shabby with the 10/1 place with Thiem !! I'm amazed at the in depth research and analysis you do (must take you ages !) and always explained so clearly, so thanks for that. I really like your service and it's all so rational and easy to follow. Keep up the excellent work and here's to a very profitable 2020!"

Giuseppe (Feb 2020)

'I took 85/1 for Kenin my biggest tennis return ever'

"Hi Tom, Thanks for the heads up about Sofia Kenin. I took 85s on Betfair and partially greened up before the final, giving me my biggest Tennis return ever. Once again, I thank you. Please keep them coming."

Eric (Feb 2020)

'Awesome I was on Kenin at 40/1'

"What an awesome start to the season you have had - following on from Alexandrova winning at Shenzhen (11-1 for me) I was on Kenin at 40-1 for the first Grand Slam"

Steve (Feb 2020)

'Backed Kenin at 40/1 you are great

"Another happy man. Backed Kenin at 40/1 with Bet365 You are great, Thx for all"

Vassilis (Feb 2020)

'£460 thanks again and keep it up!...'

"Thanks for your tips again mate - Ladbrokes is the one to go with they boost the bets!! Kenin was 50s boosted to 60s so 5 each way paid £460. Thanks again and keep it up!"

Kenny (Feb 2020)

'Many congratulations thanks to you I got 50/1'

"Many congratulations, Tom. Thanks to your tip I got in at 50-1 for £5 each way and am now £375 richer."

Stephen S (Feb 2020)

'Sofia Kenin at 40/1 many thanks'

"2.50 each way on Sofia Kenin at 40/1 might not have made me a fortune but it has certainly provided a much-needed boost to my betting bank. Many thanks, Tom."

Peter H (Feb 2020)

'Cleaned up at 60/1 & 50/1 high class stuff'

"[RE: Sofia Kenin Australian Open] Morning Tom, an amazing performance from the feisty American this morning. Backed her at 60/1 & 50/1 and cleaned up! A great tournament for yourself Tom, don't ever change your aggressive approach to selecting outright tournament winners. Win, lose or draw your articles and analysis is always high class stuff. A big thank you, here's to the next big priced winner. Well done"

Frank H (Feb 2020)

'Your tennis knowledge is second to none'

"Wow Tom your tennis knowledge is second to none. Just enjoyed watching Kenin win there. Great match and 50/1 a steal. Had a couple of quid EW so I'll raise a glass to you tonight. Keep it up! Thanks."

Ian C (Feb 2020)

'Well done, I backed Sonya at 66/1'

"Well done with your selection Tom. I backed Sonya [Kenin] at 66/1"

David C (Jan 2020)

'thank you for the advice 16 points profit on one match'

"Hi Tom, Just had to write to thank you for the advice on the Paire v Cilic match Not only did I back Paire to win 3-2 but, as Cilic was 6.00 to win 3-2 I had money on that one too. In fact, I dutched my stake so it mattered not who won. In addition, and given your comments, I felt that the 13.0 odds on the match going the whole way were really good. Only a small bet but a great return. Overall profit on this one match 16 points. Thanks Tom. Once again your advice brings me winners in places I would never have thought they existed. With kind regards, as always"

Rob (Jan 2020)

'Well researched advice'

"Thanks Tom for your well researched advice as usual made £110 profit. Regards"

Gordon S (Jan 2020)

'Congratulations 11/1 very pleased with that'

"Congratulations on the great start to 2020. I had a small bet on Ekaterina Alexandrova (who I saw play a year ago in St Petersburg) at 11-1 so very pleased with that enjoy the season"

Steve L (Jan 2020)

'Good start to the year'

"[RE: Ekaterina Alexandrova] Never off the bridle apart from a small hiccup against Wang in the quarters. Very well done. Good start to the year."

Alan W (Jan 2020)

'...Managed to get on @ 16/1 with Skybet...'

"Hi Tom, managed to get on Tsitsipas @ 16/1 with Skybet in the early hours of the 9th... happy with that, and so close to getting both finalists, thanks!"

Richard W (Nov 2019)

'...Love the service...'

"Hi Tom, love the service and look forward to your emails each week"

N.S (Nov 2019)

'...Well done - I was on De Minaur at 16/1...'

"Well done on the Alex de Minaur tip in China - I was on at 16-1 with Bet365 which will keep me in credit for a good while to come"

Steve L (Sept 2019)

'£900 up for the whole tournament'

"[RE: US Open]. Hi Tom. Just want to say thanks for all your stats and insight, I traded Bencic 22-1 on the other 2 players. Split profits I traded on Serena so ended up £300 up in final. £900 up for the whole tournament. Your ones to watch are great. My secretary backed Medvedev when you pointed him out ages ago. She backed him £5 each way at 125/1!!! She will be cheering him on in final!!!"

Scott W (Sept 2019)

'Good column keep up the good work'

"[RE: US Open]. If anyone can beat Serena it's Bianca! And I'm on her at 80/1. Good column - keep up the good work."

David C (Sept 2019)

'...Thanks Tom 20/1 was a great bet...'

"Thanks Tom for your French Open tips. The 20/1 payout on Vondrousova was a great bet. I also managed to get 9/1 on Vondrousova to win her quarter resulting in a nice profit too. I look forward to more of the same at SW19. Cheers"

Paul (June 2019)

'...Great intuition 33/1 gave me a handsome return...'

"RE: French Open. Great intuition on the women's event. Konta and Martic came close and young Marketa Vondrousova at 33-1 (Bet365) gave me a handsome return. Thanks"

Steve (June 2019)

'...Wow! A very nice profit...'

"As a new subscriber, the French Open was my first Grand Slam with your service. Wow! A very nice profit at the end of the fortnight and if this is "normal service", then subscribing to your service might just be one of the smartest moves I have made..."

Norman (June 2019)

'...Very profitable very well done...'

"Whatever today's outcome of the women's final is and with tremendous hedging and in play trading opportunities over the last few days your outright thoughts for the tournament have been very profitable. Very well done. Thanks"

Alan W (June 2019)

'...Your service is super...'

"A great French Open ... guaranteed £840 Vondrousova... your service is super"

Scott W (June 2019)

'...Wanted to put on record my thanks...'

"Hi Tom, Just wanted to put on record my thanks for the French Open advice. For me, it's not just about the tip you give but the thoughts you put into my head ... Thanks, again, for your hard work and tips"

Rob (June 2019)

'...Always 1st class stuff thanks for all your hard work...'

"Thanks for all your advice Tom, it is always 1st class stuff ... I just love your aggressive approach to outright tournament betting, it pretty much mirrors my own approach to gambling in general. Here's to many more successful tournaments like this one, many thanks for all your hard work"

Frank (June 2019)

'...Congratulations again...'

"Congratulations again this time on the Medvedev tip in Barcelona ... I had a small each-way bet at 18-1 with Bet365 so he gave me a healthy profit"

Steve L (April 2019)

'...A night at the Waldorf nothing short of brilliant...'

"The tip on Andreescu last week was nothing short of brilliant. In fact, your inspiration left me in a situation where, at the semi final stage, I had two players on my side. I then backed the other 2 so that, no matter who won, I was a winner. However, Andreescu gave by far the best return. That trip to Tina, The Musical with a night at the Waldorf is now sorted. Many thanks Tom. Keep 'em coming"

Rob B (March 2019)

'...£5 Each Way at 28/1 - thank you...'

"£5 ew @ 28/1 Thank you. The length of involvement was nearly as rewarding as the pounds & pence"

Robert W (March 2019)

'...I was on at 30/1 - keep it up mate...'

"Well Done Tom, Yep,I was on Bianca at 30/1 and managed to lay her back on the exchanges ... Certainly much more exciting when you have a big price running for you! Keep it up, mate"

L.J (March 2019)

'...28/1 - keep up the good work...'

"Hi Tom, We've hit the bar a few times recently so it's great to get a winner. Managed to get on [Bianca Andreescu] at 28/1. Keep up the good work"

Wilson B (March 2019)

'...I was on at 25/1 - thanks...'

"Well done with the advice for Indian Wells. Great final last night. What a fighter Bianca is!! I was on at 25/1 thanks"

Tony R (March 2019)

'...Ended up with 33/1!...'

"Backed Bianca at 28 with Ladbrokes who also offered a price boost so ended up with 33s!"

Simon L (March 2019)

'...I was on at 20/1...'

"Hi Tom, Congratulations on tipping Bianca Andreescu 'I was on at 20-1 each way and glad to see she managed to hold her nerve in the final set at Indian Wells thanks 'for the insight"

Steve L (March 2019)

'...Your tennis knowledge is amazing...'

"I'd just like to say Tom I think your tennis knowledge is amazing and so are your prices. Keep up the great work"

Ian Connor (Nov 2018)

'...What a great selection...'

"RE: Daria Kasatkina @ 22/1. What a great selection Daria was and what a great competitor. All the matches were enthralling but the final was the best ... Thanks again"

Tony (Oct 2018)

'...Very well done on this great tip...'

"I had a modest e/w bet on the fabulous Dasha last week - one of my favourite players - the final was a real rollercoaster - and what terrific sportsmanship by the deserved winner - very well done on this great tip"

Steve L (Oct 2018)

'...Your knowledge of the sport is commendable...'

"Hi Tom, Thank you so much for the tips. Your knowledge of the sport is commendable ... Sincere thanks for all your help and also for your analysis of all the players"

Gwyn J (Oct 2018)

'...A very nice return paid for my golfing break!...'

"I was on Kevin Anderson, thank you, a very nice return paid for last weekend golfing break! Took the opportunity of placing a side bet (to cover stake) on Isner"

Bleddyn P (July 2018)

'...£5 Each Way @ 50/1 - thanks...'

"I used a free bet with Paddy Power to have £5 e/w @ 50/1 on kevin Anderson. Thanks"

Martin W (July 2018)

'...50/1 Each Way BRILLIANT...'

"I was on Kevin Anderson at 50/1 @ £5.00 EW with Sun Betting and with Betway, £130.00 return on each wager BRILLIANT"

Parry S (July 2018)

'...50/1 Each Way keep up the big priced winners...'

'Hi Tom yes I was on kevin anderson at 50/1 ew. i watched the last 2 hours of his match against john isner.have to admit i was a bit nervous. shame he didnt win outright, but still at 50/1 ew i wasnt complaining about my winnings. thanks and keep up the big priced winners"

John B (July 2018)

'...I was on Anderson at 50/1 Each Way...'

"RE: Wimbledon. I was on Anderson at 50/1 ew to small stakes ... I do lots of research on ladies tennis and find your tips interesting, even if I don't follow them all ... Keep up the good work"

David C (July 2018)

'...Another winning tournament...'

"RE: French Open. Another grand slam of top quality analysis. I was on Stephens at 25/1 which meant another winning tournament. Well done Tom"

Frank (June 2018)

'...Thank you for the informative emails...'

"RE: French Open. Just wanted to thank you for the informative emails during the last couple of weeks. It is so easy and lazy for tipsters just to say "have a double on Nadal and Halep", but you look behind the obvious and I like that because who would predict Thiem/Stephens in the final and Schwartzman and Cecchinato going so far outsiders do prevail as you called. Thanks again"

Martin O (June 2018)

'...I was on Sandgren at 40/1...'

"I was on Sandgren at 40/1 thanks to Ladbrokes price boost ... I also had a bit on Johnson in-play when Sandgren was up in the final. Well done"

Jonathan (April 2018)

...£1,200 whoever wins - the perfect gambling situation...'

"The perfect gambling situation. Both men in the final and whoever wins £1,200 is winging its way back to me. Great stuff Tom"

Frank (April 2018)

'...Two more inspired selections! 40/1 and 16/1 Each Way...'

"Yet two more inspired selections! I backed Sandgren at 40/1 ew with Ladbrokes odds boost and Johnson at 16/1 ew. Keep up the good work"

David Cooper (April 2018)

'...I was on at 11/1 and 25/1 - fabulous return...'

"Thanks so much, I was on both Johnson and Sandgren in yesterday's final at 11/1 and 25/1 with Bet365 - I only bet small but a fabulous return"

Steve Lilly (April 2018)

'...Got both finalists at tasty prices of 33/1 and 16/1...'

"Well played Tom, don't think I've ever got both finalists, especially at the tasty prices of 33's and 16's!! Laid off a bit but still a very good result. Keep up the good work!"

L.J (April 2018)

'...Loving the tips and insight...'

Neil M (April 2018)

'...I was on Kasatkina at 66/1 - many thanks great tipping..'

"I was on Kasatkina at 66/1 thanks to you, and I followed her through too, along with Osaka, although I didn't put an outright on her! Many thanks great tipping"

Joanne J (Mar 2018)

'...£1,300 - top class stuff...'

"Top class stuff Tom. I level stake all your outright picks, never hedging anything, paying off this time to the tune of £1,300"

Frank H (Mar 2018)

'...Thanks for all your super insights...'

"I was on Dasha Kasatkina - she is one I watch for, having friends in Russia and attended ATP at St Petersburg - she is a talent and a lovely soul too - thanks for all your super insights"

Steve Lilly (Mar 2018)

'...Great pick with Kasatkina - keep up the good work...'

"Great pick with Kasatkina. Had a good each way bet and covered it with a decent bet on Osaka in the final. Keep up the good work"

Tony R (Mar 2018)

'...40/1 place win on Kasatkina - well done...'

"A 40/1 place win and opportunity to lay at only 1.76 to cover further massive profits on the Russian girl. What's not to like! Well done"

Alan W (Mar 2018)

'...Got a nice payout for Kasatkina...'

"Got a nice payout for Kasatkina [66/1 Each Way), bring them on Tom"

Michael V (Mar 2018)

'...Brilliant pick amazing skill and knowledge...'

"Happy New Year Tom, great 2017 season thanks a million Sir!! Brilliant pick with Siniakova in WTA Shenzhen, and you were absolutely right with Zverev & Dzumhur seriously underperforming in Brisbane: too much Xmas 'stuff' by them I guess... Once again my sincere gratitude for your amazing skill and knowledge"

Brian Peace (Jan 2018)

'...In-depth analysis - great tipping...'

"Thanks Tom for your in-depth analysis, found your write up very interesting. Cannot wait for 2018 write-ups. Great tipping"

Mark (Nov 2017)

'...GREAT WORK...'

"GREAT WORK - I would back every tip you call"

Alan Murray (Nov 2017)

'...Great tipping - 11/1 Each Way...'

"Great tipping. I followed Dimitrov through his matches to add to the 11/1 EW you advised for the tournament. It all added up nicely, Thank you very much."

Joanne (Nov 2017)

'...Great finish to the year - had 11/1 thanks...'

"Great finish to the year. Dimitrov was great to watch and livened up a dull week. Super match last night. Had an each way at 11/1 thanks"

Tony Randall (Nov 2017)

'...Got Dimitrov at 16/1 - nice return...'

"I was on Dimitrov got it at 16/1, had small punt at 3 points, nice return"

Alex Field (Nov 2017)

'...My husband and I did very well on this bet...'

"RE: Dimitrov. Well done, Tom. Without going into detail I can confirm that we (my husband and I) did very well on this bet."

Lorraine Boniface (Nov 2017)

'...I got 10/1 Each Way...'

"RE: Dimitrov. Thanks Tom, I got 10/1 ew on Skybet. Regards"

Roger Wood (Nov 2017)

'...Another superb analysis and result...'

"Another Superb analysis and result Got the 11s but hedged stake in final As always when I hedge it turns out it wasn't necessary!"

Ian Campbell (Nov 2017)

'...Back to back winners - thanks Tom...'

"Thanks Tom just got the two back to back winners well done for all your hard work"

Sheila (Nov 2017)

'...Great work again - nice profit to end an excellent season...'

"Great work again. Dimitrov was the man in form. I couldn't stand it to the end, so cashed out Sunday morning - at around 6.5 / 1!! Had to respect the fact that his opponent had beaten Federer. Nice profit to the end of an excellent season and thank you."

Ken Brooke (Nov 2017)

'...Great tipping - well done!...'

"Hi Tom got 7/1 Grigor never any doubt! Great year tipping love the grand slams women's very good to me betting on sets well done !!"

Shaun S (Nov 2017)

'...I was on Dimitrov at 11/1 Each Way - thanks again...'

"Hi Tom yes I was on dimitrov at 11/1 each way. thanks for that. You've earned your mince pie... thanks again"

John Beck (Nov 2017)

'...Another good end to the year - I'll be back...'

"I got Grigor at 10s, and also had Pouille two weeks before. Another good end to the year, I think last year was 3 right in the last two months as well. Keep it up and I'll be back for your grand slam service once again"

Dean Yarrall (Nov 2017)

'...Great result on Grigor Dimitrov at 10/1...'

"I've been a fan for a long time. I had a great result on Grigor Dimitrov at 10/1. Keep up the great work!"

Simon Riley (Nov 2017)

'...You have proved to be exceptionally knowledgeable about tennis...'

"Thanks Tom for another great tip. You have proved to be exceptionally knowledgeable about the tennis game and have had some good returns by following your advice. I managed to get 9-1 about Dimitrov ... thanks again and I look forward to your players to follow for the next season."

David Evans (Nov 2017)

'...Well done again - 11/1...'

"Well done again Tom, 11/1 with Bet Stars ... Thanks again and have a good Christmas, all the best"

John Hammond (Nov 2017)

'...Thanks a million!...'

"Yet again a nice win of £80 with Georges at the Tennis in China last week..... Thanks a million buddy!"

Huseyin (Nov 2017)

'...Very happy with the return...'

"Hi I was on Julia [Goerges] to only small stakes never the less I am very happy with the return ... keep up the good work"

Jugjeet (Nov 2017)

'...Absolutely amazing simply the best in your uncanny knowledge of tennis...'

"Thanks Tom for yet another brilliant advice with Julia Georges @ 7/1 in Zhuhai WTA, after Lucas Pouille @ 25/1 in Vienna ATP. You're absolutely amazing Tom, simply the best in your uncanny knowledge of tennis and the players, strengths & weaknesses. There's nobody doubting Thomas in this household Sir!!! A million thanks once again, regards"

Brian (Nov 2017)

'...You got me to really enjoy tennis tournaments...'

"I was indeed on Julia [Goerges]; chuffed to see her mow through the group stage and excited when she reached the final ... as I'm getting to understand your selection process and the value on our side, you got me to really enjoy tennis tournaments ... your service has been the greatest. Thank you for the lot!"

Gabriel (Nov 2017)

'...What a great finish to the season - can't wait for the next one...'

"Dear Tom, what a great finish to the season, backed them both [25/1 Lucas Pouille and 7/1 Julia Goerges] so can't wait for the next one. keep up the good work, cheers"

John Hammond (Nov 2017)

'...Wonderful tipping - you clearly understand value...'

"Wonderful tipping this second half of the year. You clearly understand value better than anyone else at the moment. How I wish you would tip for individual games too for all tournaments. would be lovely, thanks for the winners once again"

Harry (Nov 2017)

'...It has been a good year keep up the good work...'

"Hi Tom it has been a good year and I was on Goerges last week at 8/1 ... Keep up the good work."

Pat (Nov 2017)

'...Great tipping keep up the good work...'

"Great tipping. Thanks. Yes, I was on Julia Georges ... I have found several good returns too when backing your tipped tournament winners on their subsequent matches. Keep up the good work."

Joanne J (Nov 2017)

'...Keep up the good tips on the tennis!...'

"Yes, I was on Lucas Pouille and won at 15/1 ... keep up the good tips on tennis!"

Gary Trudeau (Nov 2017)

'...7/1 winner - thanks Tom...'

"Hi Tom just like to say yes i did get on last week's 7/1 winner ... £93 profit from Julia Goerges winning the WTA Elite Trophy ... thanks Tom."

John Beck (Nov 2017)

'...You can sure dig out the winners - thanks...'

"Well done Tom, although I missed out on Goerges, I done OK with Sloane and Pouille, you sure can dig out the winners. Thanks."

Dave (Nov 2017)

'...Brilliant result , amazing service...'

"Brilliant result with Julia Georges @ 7/1 following Lucas Pouille @ 25/1 the week before. A million thanks Tom, looking forward to 2018 with your amazing service"

Brian Peace (Nov 2017)

'...A great service written by a man who really knows about the game of tennis...'

"Tom, there's only one thing that matters in this great gambling game, RETURN ON INVESTMENT. Your approach to tennis betting is spot on. There will always be plenty of losers at the prices we play at but when the winners eventually come along they quickly wipe out the deficit and put us comfortably in front. A great service written by a man who really knows about the game of tennis. Here's to next year, many thanks"

Frank (Oct 2017)

'...A win-win! Thanks and keep it coming...'

"I was on Pouille and very glad to see him reach the final with our place guaranteed ... placed a saver bet on Tsonga who was priced 1.4 to win the final ... A win-win I can settle for! Thanks plenty and ...Keep it coming! :D"

Gabriel (Oct 2017)

'...I got 20/1 , a big thank you...'

"Hi Tom, A big thank you for Lucas Pouille tip. I got 20/1 with Corals. £10 EW with a nice return. I have been following your tips quite a bit ... A big thank you to you again! Long may it last!"

Huseyin (Oct 2017)

'...Many thanks for a fantastic tournament...'

"Many thanks for a fantastic [US Open] tournament. Only small stakes but ended up with a £400+ profit. Backed Stephens outright before and during the tournament plus Keys each way. But also some other good bets, Rublev and Kanepi singles and the double and a Carreno-Busta, Stephens and Sevastova treble (I think you recommended them - maybe not as a treble). Plus lots of other winning bets on the way. Well done - looking forward to next year's slams!"

Phil Webster (Sept 2017)

'...Delighted ... thanks to you a great tournament and a lot of fun...'

"Hi Tom, Thanks so much for your US Open recommendation for Sloane Stephens. I placed a fiver on each of your suggestions on Betfair so was delighted when Sloane won at 55s. I hedged a bit, but only to recover my stakes and also had a couple of quid each way on Bet365 at 40/1. A final return approaching £400 for low stakes so excellent outcome ... Overall thanks to you a great tournament and a lot of fun. Cheers"

Dave Ferris (Sept 2017)

'...Honest, easily accessible service Long May You Run...'

"Hi Tom, I'm new to this service, but just wanted to thank you for providing one of the most honest, easily accessible tipster services I've ever been involved with. Good Work Fella Long May You Run"

Petre (Sept 2017)

'...Well played Tom , quite some achievement...'

"Well played Tom for your betting tips for the US Open. You obviously did your homework and got your just rewards. My only regret is only having a small bet on the outright winner ! Quite some achievement to make a profit in all four Grand Slams in 2017. Can't knock that. I'll follow any tipster who can tip at that level."

JE (Sept 2017)

'...Profitable tournament ' backed Sloane at 50/1...'

"Well done, Tom. Profitable tournament. Backed Sloane at 50/1 with Sunbets, so well pleased with that. Got Madison at 16's. Backed all your bets over the fortnight, so showed a nice profit overall, and good to end with a winning bet in the men's final!"

L.J (Sept 2017)

'...I got 40/1 pre tournament ... thanks again for the great tips!...'

"Thanks Tom, I got 40/1 pre tournament with Paddy Power at £50 each way. So a very nice payout along with the £150 each way on Madison Keys. Thanks again for the great tips!"

Brian Fernandes (Sept 2017)

'...Surprised at my total winnings!...'

"I had an each way bet on Stephens ... Surprised at my total winnings! Told off by son for not passing on tip!!!"

Judy Caddle (Sept 2017)

'...Fantastic call on Sloane Stephens ... I love receiving your emails...'

"A big thank you for your "ones to watch" service that you provide. Once again a fantastic call on giving out Sloane Stephens for the U.S Open. I was lucky enough to get 55.0 on betfair and made a tidy little sum ... Keep up the good work, I love receiving your emails. Thanks again and all the best to you"

Rich Tombleson (Sept 2017)

'...Great call on Stephens I got 50/1...'

"Great call on Stephens, Tom. I got 50/1 with Sunbets. Traded off some on the exchange to protect me in the quarters and semis. Once she broke in the first set I let it run so in the end I got the win money, the place money having gone on trades. Really good result."

Charles (Sept 2017)

'...Excellent picks ... total winning in the £100s...'

"Hey Tom! Was on Sloane and decided to lock in profit for the final by under-laying her and ending up with a nice 75% of the total winnings in the £100s! Excellent picks and keep up the sterling efforts :D"

Rich (Sept 2017)

'...Well done ... brilliant getting both women in the final...'

"Well done at the US Open. I followed all your advice and came out well ahead. It was brilliant getting both women in the final and great advice about no tie break in the men's final. Looking forward to the next tournament."

Tony Randall (Sept 2017)

'...Very happy ... got Stephens at 30/1...'

"Hi Tom, Thanks for the tips for the US Open. I got the one for Stephens when she was 30/1 ... so the final result makes me very happy."

Angel Mateos (Sept 2017)

'...Great work with your US Open tips ... I got 40/1...'

"Thanks Tom, great work with your US Open tips. Yes, I got 40/1 on Sloane Stephens but somehow missed Madison Keys until a bit later. Still I picked up a couple of bets on her after that, so all in all, a profitable tournament. Thank you."

Joanne Jones (Sept 2017)

'...Profit of 32 points ... excellent US Open...'

"An excellent US Open. Very pleased with the tips. My return was 57 points with a total stake of 25 points, giving a net profit of 32 points."

Stuart Chapman (Sept 2017)

'...Excellent results ... I've thoroughly enjoyed it...'

"Good Morning Tom, Excellent results this is my first time following tennis. Although I bet very very conservatively I've thoroughly enjoyed it. I joined at the Australian Open and I'm now looking forward to more tennis"

Robert (Sept 2017)

'...Top tipping...'

"Top tipping Tom from all of us on Stephens at 40s."

Alan Waller (Sept 2017)

'...£700 from Keys and Stephens ... excellent service...'

"£700 from Keys and Stephens, brilliant watching the game and knowing we were on to a winner from the start !! ......the US and French Open I'm up over £1700 ....excellent service"

Adrian (Sept 2017)

'...Fantastic ... Got 50/1 on Stephens...'

"Got 50/1 on Stephens ... to be on Keys in the final as well was fantastic. Your big prices strategy, especially in the women's side, well rewarded this time for sure."

Roger Taylor (Sept 2017)

'...Another fabulous set of results ... on Stephens at 33/1...'

"Another fabulous set of results from the ever dependable Tom Wilson. I was actually on Stephens at 33/1 with BetFair so my profit was even greater than Tom's. I can hardly wait for the Australian Open in January! Well done (again) Tom and thanks for the tips."

Rob Broadhurst (Sept 2017)

'...Sensational stuff keep them coming...'

"Just to say thanks for the tip on Katerina Siniakova. Sensational stuff keep them coming, Cheers"

Bob (Aug 2017)

'...Ferrer was a great choice...'

"I was thinking between Ferrer and Verdasco and you make me decide for Ferrer. It was a great choice ;-) Thanks a lot and greetings"

Angel Mateos (Aug 2017)

'...Siniakova and Ferrer at 16/1 and 4/1 had a good win...'

"I missed the chance to get the best odds on Siniakova and Ferrer at the start, but had £10 e/w singles on them both at 16/1 and 4/1 a few days later. So still had a good win"

Martin Wells (Aug 2017)

'...A genuinely informative and inspired free tipping service...'

"Hi Tom, a big thanks for the tip, I backed both to win on Betfair ... So, I am a very happy recipient of your excellent free tennis tips and the Katerina Siniakova win puts me firmly in front for the year in tennis bet ... A genuinely informative and inspired free tipping service thank you"

Jez (July 2017)

'...Thanks for the Siniakova tip I couldn't lose...'

"Hi Tom, Thanks for the Siniakova tip. It was the first of your tips that I have backed but it won't be the last. I liked your reasons for the bet and so I did £2.50ew and drew £72. I laid it off at semi-final stage which cost me £7 but ensured I couldn't lose, so £65 down to you ... Thanks again"

Dave (July 2017)

'...Backed Siniakova at 19/1 excellent tip...'

"Backed Siniakova at 19/1 to win the Swedish tournament at Bastad last week which she duly won. Excellent tip, keep up the good work!"

Dave Turner (July 2017)

'...Got on Ferrer to win thanks to you ... I enjoy your weekly updates...'

"I got on Ferrer to win thanks to you at odds of 8.0 at Sportingbet. I enjoy your weekly updates and usually follow your recommendations. Obviously they do not all come home but are good when they do."

Jackie (July 2017)

'...Great publication ... 100/1 lovely result of £1,000...'

"Great publication and great results, if hadn't been for your ones to watch I would never of had Ostapenko in French at 100/1....lovely result of £1000 !!!, also finished off nicely with Federer on most aces at 5/2 ...again a nice £175 win ...looking forward to USA !!"

Adrian (July 2017)

'...Enjoyed Wimbledon ... backed Cilic at 22/1 Each Way...'

"Enjoyed being with you at Wimbledon, yes, I backed Cilic at 22/1 E/W early and received a payout. Thanks. Took a saver bet on your last recommendation of Federer to win 1st set and backed no tie breaks in that or the match, it paid out nicely. Looking forward to the US now."

Joanne Jones (July 2017)

'...A massive thank you...'

"RE: Breakfast with Greg Rusedski... I have also won two centre court tickets at Queen's for the quarter finals on Friday and you will never guess who is coming to breakfast. Taking my tennis nut mum who is thrilled to pieces, really looking forward to the day. All I have left to say is a massive thank you."

Barry Flatman (June 2017)

'...Thanks for your advice...'

"I have won premium tickets (£150 each) for Queen's ... which includes a free breakfast attended by Greg Rusedski and a cool bag of food to eat and drink at the tournament. My thanks for your advice about taking part in the competition."

Roger Payne (June 2017)

'...Regular weekly email which I enjoy very much...'

"Tom, I get your regular weekly email which I enjoy very much. I'd just like to thank you for prompting readers to apply for tickets to Queen's ... I've just had an email this morning to say that I'd won a pair of Centre Court tickets. What a fantastic surprise and all down to your prompting."

Michael Doggart (June 2017)

‘...Well pleased with £10 Each Way @ 10/1...’

“Tom I only follow you on the Outrights for the price; as I know nix about tennis; well pleased with my £10 EW @ 10/1 Burgos”

Edmund Brooke (Feb 2017)

‘...Well done – I can’t believe Victor was 12/1...’

“Well done I can't believe Victor was 12's when he had won the last two, now that's 3/3...”

Craig (Feb 2017)

‘...I got 10/1 – keep up the good work...’

“Thanks for the tip on Victor Burgos ... got 10s small bet ew ... paid for your service now so keep up the good work”

Steve D (Feb 2017)

‘...Saw £600 safely come home – high class analysis as always...’

“[RE: Victor Estrella Burgos @ 12/1] £30ew with Ladbrokes saw £600 safely come home. I've had worse Sunday evenings! Well done Tom, high class analysis as always.”

FH (Feb 2017)

‘...Excellent Australian Open service...’

“An excellent service Tom... Thanks for all your sterling work this past 2 weeks."

Frank (Jan 2017)

‘...Great shout on 28/1 Cilic...’

“Hey Tom, Great shout on cilic, he went as low as 6's on the exchanges. I traded out when he was a set up v djoko.. KEEP up the good work!”

Jonny K (Nov 2016)

‘...Nice return - cheers!...’

“I got on Sock straight away, nice return, cheers!”

Robbie (Oct 2016)

‘...Love your Ones to Watch emails...’

“Yes! Love your Ones to Watch emails, and yes, I put a small bet on J Sock last week, thank you. I look forward to your thought about the players and often use the list to put small bets on their matches in the tournament you write about too. Many thanks”

Joanne J (Oct 2016)

‘...Pocketed £1,040 - top class stuff...’

“After reading your tournament analysis for the last couple of months I decided to start backing the selections ... Two £40 ew investments were struck on the respective selections and a total of £1,040 was safely pocketed. Top class stuff Tom, well done.”

Frank (Oct 2016)

‘...I was on Karolina @ 33/1 and Kristyna @ 16/1...’

“I was on both Pliskova sisters. Karolina @ 33/1 in US Open where she was runner up and Kristyna @ 16/1 in Uzbekistan where she won. Great to see them both do well. I would not have been a winner but for you.”

Charles (Oct 2016)

‘...A really nice bet - thanks...’

“Thanks for the Tashkent WTA tips ... 100 each way on Kristyna Pliskova was a really nice bet. Thanks”

Graeme (Oct 2016)

‘...The best tipster I have ever followed in any sport...’

“I have been following your tips for a long time now and although I'm not a big tennis fan, you are the best tipster I have ever followed in any sport! You consistently deliver profits and I am never afraid to lay down my cash on any of your tips! I managed to get on after a few rounds. I backed £20 on Simon at 6/1 and £20 on Pouille at 8/1 so for a £40 outlay I got £180 back. As you can imagine I had a great weekend ... I will continue to follow your tips whenever they come! Keep up the cracking work!”

Simon Hardy (Sept 2016)

‘...Great tipping - well done...’

“A fiver Each Way on both French players to win the Moselle Open so very happy for the bigger priced 10-1 to come off returning me £85. Great tipping, well done.”

Jon E (Sept 2016)

‘...Made a nice profit - great spot...’

“Backed Gilles Simon and Lucas Pouille both each way, so was hoping for that all French final :-) still made a nice profit, great spot.”

Lee (Sept 2016)

‘...Really enjoyed your insight on the US Open...’

“Hi Tom, Really enjoyed your insight on the US open. Great shout on Pliskova! I traded almost all of your selections and I think only had one loss in sousa v dimitrov! So was very good overall, also I take a lot from your regular emails. Keep up the good work!”

Jonny (Sept 2016)

‘...£280 profit - thanks...’

“With your help had money on all 4 semi-finalists. Couldn't lose. £280 profit. Thanks”

Brian H (Sept 2016)

‘...Excellent service - I was on Each Way...’

“Excellent service particularly the pre tournament bets highlighted by [33/1] Pliskova which I was on each way. At 3-1 up in the 3rd I was able to hedge Kerber - at 3/1 - which added to the profit, in play. Thank you.”

Ken B (Sept 2016)

‘...none better...’

“RE: US Open. Enjoyed the Pliskova tip... realistic membership price... I did enjoy the ride... when it comes to such products there's none better than yourselves”

J.Rayner (Sept 2016)

‘...Great call on Kerber...’

“Re: Wimbledon – Kerber Each Way... Great call, I got on at 12's.”

Jim Elliot (July 2016)

'...14/1 outright – pleased with the result!...'

"Just wanted to share that I won £140 on Falconi after your recent tip. On Betfair they were offering 14/1 outright (no each way market) so i figured I'd use that and then hedge as she got to the final. When she got there I decided to let my tenner ride and was pleased with the result! Thanks!"

David Tucker (May 2016)

‘...£50 profit - many thanks...’

“Hi £50.00 profit on Raonic, many thanks.”

Arnold (Sept 2015)

‘...Nice tip – will take that any day...’

“RE: Raonic. Nice tip last week, laid off when 1 set to nil up ... will take that any day”

Michael (Sept 2015)

‘...Raonic was a good winner...’

“Milos Raonic was a good winner; so thanks for £25.00 profit.”

J.H (Sept 2015)

‘...I made £80 and an extra £47.39...’

“Hi, Just to let you know that I made a little more out of Mr Isner by laying off some of my potential win portion winnings on betfair. So for £10 e/w I made £80 on the place and an extra £47.39 after commission on the win portion.”

Steve (August 2015)

‘...Good tip...’

“Tom, Good tip last week after being a bit unlucky not to at least collect the EW money from Mueller. Actually backed Nishikori when Isner took the first set so did alright there. Thanks”

Mike Adams (August 2015)

‘...I backed Isner at 18/1...’

“Hi Tom, I backed Isner to win with skybet at 18/1 and then just before the final backed the other guy to win 2-0 and 2-1 ... I got 11/4 and 13/8 so a nice touch. Many thanks”

Dion (August 2015)

‘...Traded out before the final for a good profit...’

“[RE: John Isner at 20/1] Good stuff mate. I traded out before the final for good profit. Top work :)”

Asa L (August 2015)

‘...Thanks for an educational two weeks at Wimbledon...’

“I really do not know a lot about tennis, especially the lesser known players ... I have learned an awful lot these last couple of weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed your daily [Wimbledon] emails with concise, easy to read text and simple betting staking advice ... Thanks again for an educational two weeks”

Andy Burwood (July 2015)

‘...You have done your homework...’

“I like the way you write and the clarity of the layout ... I use the material that you have shown as additional information. In effect, you have done your homework and it is something that adds to my own. An extra set of eyes and ears as one may say.”

Jim (July 2015)

‘...Seeking out the value...’

“You do have an eye for seeking out the value and underrated players!”

John E (July 2015)

‘...Honest assessments from a person who obviously loves his tennis...’

“Hi Tom, following your informative comments on the Nadal match I thought that it was worth putting a small bet on Dustin Brown ... Thanks for your honest assessments from a person who obviously loves his tennis and giving us punters a chance to make a profit on our outlay. Any chance you can teach pundits in other disciplines (eg horses) how to give value for money to those who pay them good money for honesty, knowledge and BEST advice?”

Gordon (July 2015)

‘...Thank you for your tips...’

“Thank you for your tips. Was on Dustin to win first set against Nadal ... Keep up the good work, Thanks.”

Darren (July 2015)

‘...Great service - had a 35/1 winner...’

“Hi Tom, I had a winning bet on Dustin Brown yesterday seemed very good advice. Also won with Troicki on set market. Great service had 35/1 winner on Warinka at the French Open previously. Keep up the good work!!”

Paul (July 2015)

‘...Lifts the whole experience of Wimbledon another notch...’

“I did indeed back Brown vs Nadal ... what a match! Am enjoying the daily service and looking forward to the rest of Wimbledon. I am learning much more about the individual players which lifts the whole experience of Wimbledon another notch. Have a good day:)”

Charlotte (July 2015)

‘...Thanks for the insights...’

“Just to let you know I stuck a quarter point on brown on betfair thinking I could trade it out if he had a good start but by the time I got home he was break up in the last set! Thanks for the insights.”

Anne-Marie (July 2015)

‘...Small stake on Brown : ) ...’

“I did follow your ‘sixth sense’ and put a small stake on Brown :) Thanks!!”

Marcello (July 2015)

‘...Thanks Tom!!...’

“Stan James had credited me with a £10 free bet and I thought why not. If Dustin Brown loses it has not cost me anything. Thanks Tom !!”

Ian (July 2015)

‘...Nice perceptive tip!...’

“Nice perceptive tip on Dustin Brown to win the 1st set [v Nadal]! Had a fiver on.”

Jon (July 2015)

‘...Really enjoying your great service...’

“Thanks for flagging Dustin Brown - due to this I did back him to win 1st set and to win but only 1pt and 1/2 pt (wish I had been braver too - hindsight is a wonderful thing) ... really enjoying you great service giving me confidence to bet on Wimbledon for first time”

Valerie (July 2015)

‘...I had the winner at 70/1...’

“your [French Open] service did make me sift through the odds of most of the players and use my own judgement on a few of them, sometimes maybe not what your service is advertising but if I hadn't joined I wouldn't have realised that Wawrinka was way too high at 70/1. So a big thank you from me”

Adrian (June 2015)

‘...Brilliant ... thanks very much...’

“Hello Tom, RE: Your French Open report. Another brilliant review, thank you very much for sharing it. Kind Regards”

Alex (May 2015)

‘...I made a killing at Wimbledon... cheers mate...’

“Hi Tom. Leon here. I made a killing at Wimbledon, Your Nadal losing first set win match was a great call.. More than once I cleaned up there. Also I followed all daily bets ... cheers mate... and come and help me some more.. LOL. Thank you.”

Leon (Jul 2014)

‘...Excellent results at Wimbledon...’

“Excellent results at Wimbledon. Thank you.”

Keith Hicken (July 2014)

‘...Full of aces!...’

“Well done re: Wimbledon service, full of aces!”

John Holroyd-Doveton (July 2014)

‘...Enjoyed Wimbledon...’

“Enjoyed following your Wimbledon bets. Cheers”

Keith Holloway (July 2014)

‘...Really impressed with another great Wimbledon...’

“Really impressed with another great Wimbledon. I made a good profit on all your picks plus i did bouchard and raonic to win in the quarter final betting you indicated. I had a £2.50 double on the quarter betting getting 8/1 on bouchard and 4/1 on raonic giving me a £112.50 return ... it was great fun. WELL DONE TOM cant wait for the next tournament and your great form skills being tested again.”

John Moore (July 2014)

‘...Thanks for the Wimbledon bets – I made a nice profit...’

“I would like to thank you for your Wimbledon bets. I made a nice profit. It was a pity that Federer or Bouchard didn't win in the finals, but it was profitable anyhow ... The eyecatcher bets were even more lucrative I think. So thanks a lot for your service.”

Steven (July 2014)

‘...Fantastic tipping ... a brilliant fortnight...’

“Fantastic tipping. Well done on the Wimbledon results – a brilliant fortnight.”

Pete P (July 2014)

‘...Good call ... made a tidy profit at 7/2...’

“Good call with Lopez today. I felt you made a strong enough case to back Lopez to win at 7/2 ... I backed him to win and made a tidy profit. Good work, Tom!”

N.P (April 2014)

‘...Thanks for the tip on the Novak v Del Potro match...’

“Had a 7/4 single on 3 total sets in the Novak v Del Potro match. Thanks for the tip. Also doubled it up with Liverpool ... This gave me a handy 11/4 double. Thank you.”

Joe Evinson (Nov 2013)

‘...Had 8/1 and 5/1 winners – very good...’

“I had £1 ew on Erakovic at 8/1 (runner up) and £1.50 ew on Raonic at 5/1 (winner). I usually break even with my own tennis selections but these look very good. Thank you.”

Joe (Oct 2013)

‘...Good call on Erakovic – bagged the 8/1 payout...’

“Hi Tom, Good call on Erakovic – bagged the 8/1 payout – not much on it but nice to get the value. Thanks”

Mark Allison (Sept 2013)

‘…Thanks for the info – happy to pick up the 7/1 place…’

“Tom, Thanks for the info about Marina Erakovic. I got 14/1 and had a small each way bet, I was more than happy to pick up the 7/1 place bet. Please keep them coming! Thank you.”

Mark Chaloner (Sept 2013)

‘...Thanks for the ‘ones to watch’ list – a very nice profit...’

“Just had to drop you a line to thank you for your ‘ones to watch’. Have just had a nice little double on Brian Baker (@ 3.75) and P Kohlschreiber (@ 2.10) to win. A very nice profit of 6.875 points. Great start to the week.”

Rob Broadhurst (Aug 2013)

‘...I made £97.23 so thank you very much...’

“RE: Wimbledon. Not being very well up on tennis apart from the obvious well known names ... I found your daily tips extremely useful and though I didn't back every one I still made a tournament profit of £97.23 so thank you very much.”

Steve W (July 2013)

‘...£2,000 profit which is now paying for my summer holiday!...’

"Dear Tom, RE: Wimbledon. Thanks for a great tournament. Followed your tips religiously and finished with a clear £2,000+ profit which is now paying for my summer holiday! I'll definitely work with you again man!"

Paul James Thompson (July 2013)

‘...Guaranteed profit of £280 ... great stuff...’

“Hi Tom just thought I'd let you know that before Wimbledon I had a fiver on Lisicki to win at the odds of 119/1 but lost my bottle on finals day so laid her at 1/2 for a guaranteed profit of £280, really glad I did as I watched her go to pieces. Great stuff and look forward to joining you on your next tournament tips. Thank you.”

David (July 2013)

‘...I backed Bartoli to win at 40/1 ... it’s been great fun...’

"I've really enjoyed getting the daily email. It made Wimbledon even more fascinating. Most of your four-fold and five-fold suggestions that I followed came up. On your recommendation, I backed Lisicki to beat Serena at 9/1. Also backed her to reach the Final at 66/1 and again at 33/1 both each way. Also backed Bartoli to win the Final at 40/1. Plus I got Murray in the Final at 7/2. It's been great fun and I'll definitely be signing up for your email service again.”

Mary (July 2013)

‘...You’ve done brilliantly!...’

“RE: Wimbledon. You've done brilliantly! Many thanks.”

Tony Blok (July 2013)

‘...I had £25 Each Way @ 80/1 and got £1,025 back...’

“Hi Tom, I took your pre tournament [Wimbledon] tip on Lisicki each way with William Hill @ 80-1 £25 each way and got £1025 back - well worth the initial outlay!! Cheers. I owe you a pint ;-)"

Darren Coxon (July 2013)

‘...Great Wimbledon service ... looking forward to the next one...”

“RE: Wimbledon. Great service, oops sorry about the pun, looking forward to the next one... Cheers Tom.”

Peter May (July 2013)

‘...Great service ... Picked up Lisicki 86/1 Each Way ... Magic...’

"RE: Wimbledon. Great Service from you ACE, did pick up Lisicki e/w @86/1, and Andy Murray, and completely missed your Bartoli tip, but did back Lisicki @10/1 too. Much enjoyed and hope to follow you again, magic. Thank you."

Alan Murray (July 2013)

‘...A thoroughly excellent and professional service...’

"RE: Wimbledon. Thank you (and all your staff) for providing a thoroughly excellent and professional fortnight's service. Best regards."

Alexander (July 2013)

‘...I was with Bartoli at 66/1 – a really great couple of weeks...’

"Hi Tom, [Wimbledon] turned out to be a successful one much of which was down to you ... I was with Marion Bartoli at 66/1 when the draw was made. As for Andy Murray. Words just fail me. A really great couple of weeks."

Charles J (July 2013)

‘…As good a tipping performance as you’re likely to find…’

“RE: Wimbledon. Opposing Serena Williams was not only brave but smart! That's an awesome book of bets you’ve flagged up there. I've got to take my hat off. That's got to represent as good a tipping performance as you're likely to find anytime off anybody for anything. Premiership quality.”

Nick (July 2013)

‘...Brilliant service ... I got Lisicki at a massive 80/1 Each Way...’

"Just to congratulate the brilliant service. In your pre Wimbledon newsletter on 22nd June you highlighted Sabine Lisicki and i got a bet on her each way at a massive 80/1."

John Moore (July 2013)

‘...Got 90/1 on Janowicz and laid him at 23/1 ... a nice little profit...’

“Hi Tom, RE: Wimbledon. I didn't get 100/1 on Janowicz but did manage 90/1 and have laid him at 23/1. Won't break the bank, but a nice little profit all the same.”

David Evans (July 2013)

‘…A profit of over £1,000. Stunning…’

"Just wanted you to know that, since 8th May (when I started following your tips seriously), my bank has grown and now shows a profit of over £1,000. Stunning performance Tom. Stunning. Many, many thanks."

Robert (July 2013)

‘...Laid out 15 quid got 180 back...’

"Tom, Just to say I have seen your adverts for you Wimbledon service in previous years and never bothered but I did this year and i am so glad I did ... today 1st July was the best only laid out 15 quid but got 180 back ... another £40+ profit yesterday ... Keep up the good work. Cheers."

Will Freeman (July 2013)

‘...Your selections have been fantastic...’

"RE: Wimbledon. Your selections have been fantastic. You seem to get the majority of your single selections correct ... [and] you stated before the tourny started, that Lisicki was the only likely danger to beat Williams. Would love to have the selections for every tourny that you give tips for. Thank you."

Mick (July 2013)

‘...I made £90 on the Lisicki/ Serena match....’

“RE: Wimbledon. I made £90 on the lisicki/serena match and £30ish on the five fold so am now up for the tournament. Thanks!”

David Tucker (July 2013)

‘…Solid tips everyday of SW19 … Well done!...’

“RE: Wimbledon. Big thank you today, been a great service again this year, solid tips everyday of SW19 so far. Well done to you & Sabine! [won at 10/1]”

Gary Tunnicliffe (July 2013)

'...Six winners out of seven - impressed!...'

"I must doff my hat to you for your predictive accuracy ... six winners out of seven recommendations. I'm definitely impressed!"

Gary T (June 2013)

'...A service like yours is hard to find...'

"I cleaned up yesterday [at Wimbledon] so many thanks for the tips and suggestions. Believe me, it is just tremendous to find someone who is genuine in their attempts to find value for their customers. A service like yours is hard to find."

Rob B (June 2013)

'...Backed Tsonga at 66/1 so am sitting pretty ... Keep up the good work...'

"Hi Tom. Thought you might like to know that I did back Ferrer [in the French Open at 33/1 Each Way]. I also backed Tsonga (at 66/1) so am sitting pretty. The reason I mention this is not to gloat but to say I would not have even looked at Tsonga had you not posted your "ones to watch” so thanks for that. Keep up the good work Tom. Not only are your bets sound but they also spawn ideas in my head for even more opportunities.”

Rob Broadhurst (June 2013)

'...Thanks for the Hercog bet - I got 15/1 with Bet365!...'

"Hey Tom, congratulations and thanks for the Hercog bet, I managed to get 15-1 with bet365... Happy days!!"

Paul (July 2012)

'...thanks for the Sharapova tip at 7/1...'

"hi thanks for the sharapova tip at 7/1 a nice return. i have been doing some in play betting with good returns ... got 50/1 on virginia razzano when it could have gone either way against an odds on player, worth a pound punt and payed £50. thanks for the tips and putting me on to a betting way i wouldn't have thought of."

Alan (June 2012)

'...17 out of 18 winners - must be congratulated...'

"The 'Moneyspinner' is certainly proving exactly that - with 17 out of 18 winners, totally brilliant tipping and must be congratulated. Regards"

Mike (May 2012)

'...Had a very nice wager at 5/2...'

"Hi Tom, Just to let you know how impressed I have been with you service to date. I missed the 3/1 Almagro, but nonetheless had a very nice wager at 5/2. All the best."

Stephen Goodson (Feb 2012)

'...Well played with your treble - some achievement...'

"Hi Tom, Well played with your treble - just seen that it's won. Managing to catch 3 at the moment is some achievement well played. Raonic got a little unsettled during phases of the match - but he shook it off well enough. Best of luck Cheers”

Pete (Jan 2012)

'...Impressed with your performance...'

"Hello. I follow a number of tennis tipsters and I am impressed with your performance so far."

Tony Baldwin (March 2012)

'...You clearly know the sport inside out - well done for last week's double...'

"Hi Tom Really enjoy your emails as you clearly know the sport inside out. Well done for last week's double, I was slow off the mark and missed the first match - won't make that mistake again! Just about to get on Istomin as I've noticed his good form also but wouldn't have acted without your email, let's hope he does his bit for us all! Thanks again”

Barry (Jan 2012)

'...Got on the Australian Open treble - Tom came up trumps yet again...'

"May I add a further thanks to Tom as I got on his latest treble advice for the Australian Open and yet again he came up trumps. Sport being what it is, they can't all win but he has my full confidence . . . and my best wishes. I have never found a tipster who can back up his claims for success but Tom is showing every sign of being the first - and probably only one to do so. Keep up the good work!”

B.P. (Jan 2012)

'...Thanks for your pick on Lopez - keep up the good work...'

"Hi Tom. Thanks for your pick on Lopez to beat Isner managed to get 11/10 following your great treble advised, keep up the good work, you are the man. many thanks”

Gary C. (Jan 2012)

'...I cashed-in on Tsonga on Betfair...'

"Hi Tom Yes I did cash in on Tsonga on Betfair, and won approx The £30 you suggested. Regards”

Geoff (Dec 201)